Yoga Gifts: 15 Perfect Items For Women

It is the birthday of the love of your life, your friend or your mother or some other relative?Do you want to show your appreciation to somebody of the female gender who loves Yoga? Don’t worry I will give you a special list with 15 Yoga Gifts perfect for women who loves Yoga or wants to start doing Yoga! I am confident you will love these Yoga gifts and find something to offer to your friend or relative.

List of Perfect Yoga Gifts

#1 Item – Custom-made Yoga Mat

Do a unique embroidery with the person’s name on a Yoga mat or buy a custom-made Yoga mat. On you can choose the mat color and monogram style and color and order. Thus, this one can be one of the perfect yoga gift ideas for any woman.

#2 Item – Cork Yoga Mat

An alternative for the custom-made Yoga mat is buying a cork Yoga mat. Surely, it is a great eco-friendly yoga gift!

#3 Item – Personalized Yoga Mat Holder

You can buy one or make one yourself. To make one, you just need a piece of wood about the same length of a Yoga mat, attach two hooks or two ribbons and paint the name of that woman or a special message.

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#4 Item – Yoga Mat Spray

Do a Yoga mat spray so that her Mat always has a sweet scent. You can check it here how to do it:

#5 Item – Yoga Mat Bag

Do a bag with your old clothes or other fabric so that she can put her Yoga mat there. You can embellish it with a lotus flower.

#6 Item – Custom Water Bottle

Buy a water bottle and put your friend’s or relative’s name in it with washi tape or a permanent marker.

#7 Item – Personalized Yoga Mug

Personalize a mug with permanent markers. You can put the following word: Namas-Tea.

You must put it in the oven so that your message isn’t washed away.

#8 Item –Bracelet with the Hand of Fatima

Buy a Hand of Fatima and some beads and make a unique bracelet.

#9 Item- Headband

Do a headband with some old shirt you have so that your friend or relative can look good in her Yoga classes. So, this can be a handy item that she can use.

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#10 Item –  Hair Tie Travel Pod

Offer a hair tie travel pod so that special woman won’t lose her hair ties.

#11 Item – Lavender Eye Pillow

If your friend suffers from allergies, make a lavender eye pillow to relax her eyes following this link instruction:

#12 Item – Yoga Massage Balls

Buy Yoga massage balls, so your friend can put her stress away. To give that special touch put the name of your friend or relative in the yoga massage balls.

#13 Item – Singing Bowl

If your friend is a Yoga teacher, you can give her a singing bowl to use it during the Savasana.

#14 Item – Meditation Pillow

Yoga PillowBuy a meditation pillow so that your friend can sit on it and meditate. You can do one by following the instructions on this link:

#15 Item – Yoga Burn

Offer a dynamic sequencing Yoga program for women designed to promote a healthy shape and weight performed by ZoeBray-Cotton to that special lady. Yoga For Fat Burn is a great place you can introduce your friend, relative or anybody.

Yoga Gift IdeasThis list contained several great Yoga gifts that you can buy or do. Doing Yoga gifts to offer to other women shows that you care about that women, but if you don’t have time to do it you can buy your Yoga gifts and personalize them a little bit putting their names or adding a unique message.