Workout Clothes for Women Reviews: 10 Best Ideas

Choosing good workout clothes for women can be a daunting task.

Every woman wants to look stylish and sexy, at the same time she also wants to be able to freely stretch and move. Finding the right outfits to wear to a workout is extremely important if you want to make the most out of your exercise regimen.

There are a lot of cute workout clothes available.

The most important thing to consider is fit and comfort.

Of course you would not want to be constantly tugging your shirt down. It causes so much distraction. Similarly, you do not want your shorts to be always riding up while doing your yoga poses.

There are outfits that are great to use at the gym. Unfortunately, there too are outfits that are better left at home. The type of fabric and if you are using the right outfit for a particular exercise can affect how comfortable you will be when you are working out.

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Soffe Juniors’ Authentic Short

Wearing the right exercise wear ensures comfort while exercising.

A right fitting shirt is essential. A right fitting short is more important.

You should only choose gym shorts that fit perfectly.

When your shorts do not fit perfectly, you will feel uncomfortable and will constantly be distracted during your workout.

The Soffe Juniors’ Authentic Short is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Individually, cotton and polyester provide comfort, breathability and durability. When a blend of both fabrics is used, you get the best of both.

This authentic short has an exposed elastic waistband to make sure it has a perfect fit. The side slits at the leg allows you to stretch further.

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Fruit of the Loom Women’s Arch Support No Show 6 Pack Sock

If you are looking for durable, affordable and dependable women’s socks to complete your gym clothes, the Fruit of The Loom Women’s No-Show Socks are what you are looking for. These no-show socks are made of 100% cotton, thus they are soft and comfortable.

These no-show socks comes with cushioned soles and reinforced heel and toe for added protection while working out.

More often, socks are given the least priority when choosing gym outfits. You may not realize it but your socks add to the comfort you will be getting while working out. Of course this is only possible if you choose the right workout socks.

The Fruit of the Loom Women’s No-Show Socks can be your perfect choice.

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Hanes Women’s Middle Rise Sweatpant                                                   

If you want to increase your body heat while working out, wear a Hanes Women’s Middle Rise Sweatpant.

This sweatpant will make you sweat faster. The added sweat brought about by wearing a sweatpant can help you burn a few more calories. This middle rise sweatpant can be a good choice for yoga pants for women.

The Hanes Women’s Middle Rise Sweatpant is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester making it durable and versatile. The 50/50 blend is also responsible for the lighter and softer feel of the sweatpant.

This sweatpant also has the perfect length – just below the ankle. It is therefore not prone to tripping when you are working out. Its open bottom adds to the comfort of the sweatpant.

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The 90 Degree by Reflex

The 90 Degree By Reflex – High Waist Power Flex Legging – Tummy Control is a certified best-seller.

Its perfect fit gives you the confidence to take on everything you need to do in the gym.

Its high waist and extra wide tummy control waistband tucks your tummy so it will not be too noticeable. You can easily roll the legging down if you want a low waist look.

This high waist power flex legging is good choice if you searching to buy yoga pants.

It has a moisture wicking feature thus sweat evaporates more easily. It has a four way stretch to enable you to do all the movements you need to do. It has a gusset crotch too to allow freedom of movement and more comfort while you are working out.

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Nike Women’s Pro Cool 3″ Compression Shorts

The Nike Women’s Pro Cool 3″ Compression Shorts keeps you cool even when doing an extensive workout. Its side seams follows your natural shape for maximum movement without and hindrance. It has a body-skimming feature making this compression shorts an ideal base layer for any of your fitness wear.

The Nikki Women’s Pro Cool Compression Shorts has flat seams and a versatile waistband for maximum comfort, feel and fit while working out. Its wicking away moisture feature keeps you cool while you are doing even the most extensive workout.

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Fittin Womem Bras Double Layer Seamless Push Up High Impact Racerback Yoga Sports Bra

Women need maximum support while working out. A good quality sports bra has the dynamics of providing support and at the same time allowing you do all the movements you need to do.

Fittin Women Sports Bras Seamless High Impact Support Racerback Workout Yoga Bra does just that. Its racerback style keeps the straps in place even while doing the most strenuous of movements. This racerback bra should be part of yoga clothes for women.

The Fittin Women Sports Bras Seamless High Impact Support Racerback Bra is a must have because not only does it provide support and comfort, it also lessens the chances of injury.

This racerback has the moisture wicking feather to make you feel cool even while doing extensive workouts.

The racer back is seamless and made of super soft fabric for optimum comfort.

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Danskin Women’s Long-Sleeve Leotard

When you talk of leotards, you talk of Danskin. Wearing leotards to the gym is not a thing of the past. Slip on a pair of shorts to match your leotards and you will experience bliss while working out.

The Danskin Women’s Long-Sleeve Leotard perfectly hugs your body so you do not need to constantly pull it down like you would if you were wearing a shirt.

Just like the Jane Fonda days, the leotard is once again making a comeback as part of the women’s workout clothes.

The Danskin Women’s Long-Sleeve Leotard is durable because it is made of 93% Nylon and 3% Nylon. It is made of a sweat wicking material therefore it is cool and breathable. The Danskin leotard is also super soft and it does not fade.

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Hanes Women’s Long-Sleeve Crew-Neck Top

The Hanes Women’s Long-Sleeve Crew-Neck Top is extremely flattering to wear because of its very feminine fit.

This crew-neck top is a must-have in the wardrobe of any woman.

This shirt is made of 100% cotton making it a durable piece of clothing.  It has been pre-sunk so it will maintain its original fit no matter how many times it has been worn and washed.

All the comfort the Hanes brand offers can be seen in the Hanes Women’s Long-Sleeve Crew-Neck Top.  Some tags on a shirt collar can irritate the skin. Hanes is famous for its tag-free collars and the same is true in this long-sleeve crew-neck top.

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Hanes Women’s Scoop-Neck Tank Top

When you speak of workout tanks for women, the Hanes Women’s Scoop-Neck Tank Top always tops the list of must-haves.

This scoop-neck tank top is a basic piece of clothing that every woman should have in her closet.

This scoop-neck tank top maintains its shape and color even after numerous uses and washes. Made of 100% cotton, it provides comfort and a light stretch.

The Hanes Women’s Scoop-Neck Tank Top is a layering essential.

Aside from wearing the scoop-neck tank top to the gym, it can be worn with a blazer or a jacket. Pair it with denim shorts and denim jacket to boot. Complete your look with sneakers and you have transformed you scoop-neck tank top gym essential into a fashionable piece of apparel.

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Neleus Women’s 3 Pack Compression Base Layer Dry Fit Tank Top

Wearing oversized shirts and sweatshirts to the gym is a thing of the past.

Today, wearing better-fitting tops is the in thing. Yoga studios often request yogis to wear tight-fitting tank tops because it displays form and posture. The more bodily flaws are visible, the more motivated you get to work and correct them.

It does not matter how much you sweat when you are wearing a Neleus Women’s Compression Tank Top.

This compression tank top is made of a moisture-wicking fabric, thus you stay dry and comfortable at all times. The Neleus brand is known to provide innovative and highly affordable sporting products. The Neleus Women’s Compression Tank Top is not an exception.



When you are working out, you need a lot of motivation.

How motivated you are constitutes a big part of your success. The right gym outfits play a big role in the motivation process.  While the gym is not a fashion club, wearing the right workout outfits will make you comfortable when you are sweating it out to loose calories and to keep fit.

No need to worry about costs because cheap workout clothes for women are easy to find.

Comfort and safety are the main considerations in choosing women fitness clothing.

When you are wearing comfortable tops, bottoms, socks and shoes, you will be confident to do even the most strenuous exercises. No need to worry about excessive sweating with workout clothes that are made of sweat wicking materials. No need to worry about injuring yourself with cushioned soles and reinforced heel and toe socks.