When It Rains In The Summer

 When it’s lousy weather in the wintertime, nobody bats an eye. It’s cold enough out to begin with, so you probably didn’t plan on taking part in any outdoor activities. Bad weather during the summer is another story. Just about everything that’s fun happens outside once the season hits. Summer camps, sports, beach days, theme parks, and barbeques are all outdoor activities. When it rains, your day gets put on hold until the sun decides to shine again. Losing a day outside is like losing a day altogether. Unless you have work to do, being trapped indoors can be pretty boring and rather unproductive. Instead of letting a day go to waste, be productive indoors with these tasks.

Cook & bake to entertain

Regardless if it’s just you in the house or you have some guests, you’ve got to eat sometime. If you have nothing else to do, why not get creative with dinner tonight? Look up recipes for appetizers, main courses, deserts, and even cocktails and have yourself a little indoor party. The cooking in itself is fun, but enjoying what you’ve created with some good company is even better. Go extravagant, after all you have the entire day to spare.

Clean your room

It’s probably not how you would ideally spend you day, but it could be pretty fun if you put on your favorite Netflix show while you go through your old stuff. Separate your things into piles of things you can sell, things you’re going to donate, and thing that are ultimately going to be trash. There are sites for you to sell clothing, jewelry, and even random things collecting dust around your house. You can sell gift cards via sites like Giftcash too!

Go to the movies

Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean you can’t step foot outside of your house. There are always new movies coming out, and for some reason they’re always better in the big seats with a bucket of popcorn than they are 6 months later on your couch. You can even make a day of it and see a few movies in a row, as long as you can sit still for that long.

Shopping spree

There’s no better way to spend a rainy day than inside a giant mall. Some malls are so big that they actually take you a full day to explore. Even if it’s a hike to get there, go! Make a day out of it by shopping and having lunch as a nice break. If this is going to be how you choose to spend your day, make sure you go with a limited amount of cash or else the next thing you know your rainy day cost you a weeks pay.

Read a good book

If you don’t have a list of books you’ve been waiting to read, head to the nearest bookstore and pick one out. There’s something about walking around a bookstore that makes you want to hold your head to the books and take in all the information and stories at once. Sip on a coffee and read the backs of every book until you finally find the one you want to take home with you.

Have your friends over

Indoor fun might not be as fun as outdoor fun, but it’s all about the company. Invite people over to hangout, watch movies, eat good food, and throw back a few beers. Even if you end up just sitting around the kitchen table catching up on each other’s jobs and lives, it’s better than siting alone.


You don’t even have to buy new things. If you move around the furniture and switch up the rooms, your house is going to feel brand new. I would clear it with the rest of the family before you go touching dads favorite chair, but hey, it’s something interesting to do.

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