What You Need to Know Before Changing Your Watch Strap

Let’s start at the beginning. If you are one of those people who are still not convinced of the advantages that changing the strap of your watch can bring, consider that if you have a luxury watch, you will want to keep it in the best possible condition. This is extensive to the original strap, no matter if it is metal, leather, or one of the rubber alloys that are now very common in the premium watch houses. Whether you bought your watch first hand or inherited it, sometimes the best idea is to take off the original strap, put it back, and put a new one on it. This way, when you want to resell your watch or return it to its original appearance, its condition will be good enough so that its value is not significantly affected. It will look like your first day with it.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who start the day doing some laps in the pool or with a good routine at the gym, you know how uncomfortable a leather strap can be in combination with the humidity. The feeling it leaves on your skin is very unpleasant; it takes a long time to dry if it doesn’t dry well, it can get to smell bad. In some instances, the skin can break or peel. No, in short, leather and the abundance of physical activity do not match. For these cases, it may be better to look for a metal bracelet, a NATO bracelet; silicone and rubber are also great options, it is best to look for one of excellent quality, so you should check out horusstraps.com. By the way, have you noticed that some metal bracelets like the Milanese one tend to get stuck in the fibers of some garments, such as woven ones? Or, in some cases, the links pinch your skin? This is also a factor to consider when you are thinking of changing your watch strap.

One more reason to change your watch’s strap is straightforward, because you want to and can do it! People like you understand that your watch’s largest and most visible part from a distance is the bracelet and an ideal way to stand out from the crowd is to choose a great quality bracelet (or several, ok, many) made of an excellent material that matches the spirit of your timepiece, in a color that highlights those on the dial and in a design that speaks for itself and lets people around you know the kind of person you are. Did you know that among the inventory of horusstraps.com, you can find exotic leather straps in unique colors?

Now that you are aware of the universe of possibilities horusstraps.com has for you, what do you need to know before changing your watch strap?

Well, for starters, you need to decide which material you are going to choose that is ideal for holding your watch comfortably and securely on your wrist while you do the activities you love.

Once you’ve chosen the material you like best, make sure you check the width of your strap so that it fits your watch perfectly. If you don’t get the exact measurement, it’s better to choose a slightly wider one. Don’t forget to measure your wrist’s diameter and look for the right length of the strap.

Check your watch’s mechanism and the tools you may need to adjust your new strap to make sure your watch is secure. Currently, you can find online tutorials that make this task easier!