Weight Loss Challenge? 5 Easy Diet Tips

The majority of people at one point in their lives decide they have too many pounds and it is time to change it. In an information era, it is not hard to find a proper information for losing weight as there are millions of different methods available. Everyone today claims to be a nutritionist, but it is important to recognize a good information which can be a very tough thing to do. In this article, we will share a weight loss challenge that everyone can start practicing. The best way to start with losing the weight is to read and follow 3 Week Diet.

Weight Loss Challenge – Lose Weight in Three Weeks

1. Eat Less Sugar

weight loss challenge
Sugar is the reason people are overweight.

Basics first, eating fat doesn’t make you fat. Eating the excess number of sugar (carbohydrates) makes you fat. Bread, pasta, hamburgers, lasagne are filled with simple sugars which are equal to sugar. It is hard to stop eating this kind of food immediately if you’ve been eating it for an extended period, but instead start small. Cut carbohydrates from one meal and increase this number every week. After few weeks you will remove simple carbohydrates from your diet. The first step in weight loss challenge is cleaning and detoxifying your body from sugar. When your body is detoxified, it becomes easier to lose weight.

It is important not to cut all carbohydrates because this is fuel for the body – it gives you the energy. Eat more complex carbohydrates in your meals like rice, oatmeal and potato. Also, if you’re interested in muscle growth never combine carbs with fat because that combination can make your weight increase.

2. Stay active

weight loss challenge
Start doing something physical like running.

When losing weight, the most important thing is to burn more calories than your calorie intake. When you eat fewer calories than you need, your body will automatically start losing weight and fat. The best way to do it is starting to move your body. No matter if you only walk for a few miles per day or you are doing body weight training program, it still counts as an activity. Do physical things you enjoy doing.

3. Stay away from Soda

Soda may be tasty and all, but it is filled with too many sugars. For example, one 0.5l bottle of Coca-Cola has around 100 grams of sugar which are equivalent to 400 calories. You will need to run around 45 minutes to burn extra 400 calories. If you remove soda from your diet completely, you will notice a huge difference in weight and your energy levels in just one week.

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The best drinks for weight loss are green juices and pure water. Green juices are filled with vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your health. A human body consists 73% of water, so don’t underestimate the power of water. Be sure to always drink enough water to be hydrated because your body performs better when in the hydrated state. Dehydration is a serious problem and can lead to many illnesses. Fatigue, dizziness, sleepiness, motivation is directly connected to your body hydration.

How to notice that your body needs more liquid? It’s simple. When you feel your mouth are dry then drink some liquid. That way you can be sure that your body is working the best it can in losing the weight.

4. Start fasting

Fasting is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy body weight. Fasting is a relatively simple method where you have the exact number of hours when you can eat. A day has 24 hours, and you should only eat in 8-hour window. Other 16 hours you shouldn’t take any calory, which means only water and teas. That way you’ll make your weight loss challenge more challenging to endure.

weight loss challenge
Burn fat with fasting.

At first, it may seem like an impossible mission, but it isn’t that hard. You won’t be hungry all the time because your body will adapt fast enough to the new routine. Fasting isn’t only good for losing the weight, as you can quickly build six pack while fasting. You start to eat more healthy and nutritive food which automatically start a fat burning process.

5. Consume more fat and vitamins

Contrary to popular belief, consuming fat won’t make you fat. Although, if you are not careful with fat intake you may become overweight. You should consume a lot of saturated fat and no trans fat. You can find saturated fat in avocados, eggs, bacon, red meat, etc. Saturated fat helps in building a healthy level of good cholesterol, and it is also involved in testosterone level.

weight loss challenge
Eat more vitamins and fat for better health.

Vitamins are the fundamental part of every diet. Vitamins are providing a healthy environment in your body, so it is easier to lose weight when you consume a lot of vitamins. The lack of vitamins can result in fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, mental fog and more.

6. Remove Stress as Much as You Can

You may find this ridiculous, but stress levels are directly related to weight gain. When people are under the stress they tend to eat junk food and like we know, junk food is the main reason people are overweight. There is medication for reducing stress, but we advise you to never try this medication because people get addicted to these. You can naturally reduce your stress levels by doing some activities you enjoy doing. Do you like to read a book? When you feel like you’re stressed, read a book.

Weight loss challenge - start meditating.

Meditation is a very effective way to cope with stress. People often think about something alternative when someone mention meditation, but it’s not. It’s the best way to reduce stress and cortisol levels. When you control your cortisol levels, your testosterone level will also increase. People with higher testosterone levels tend to lose more weight and build more muscle than other people.

This weight loss challenge is an essential thing you can start implementing in your life now. In three weeks you will notice a huge difference in your overall health as well as pounds on the scale. The fastest way to lose weight fast is to follow a weight loss challenge called 3 Week Diet.