5 Tips on What to Eat to Get Ripped Body

Earlier, only the bodybuilders wanted to get a ripped body, where the body fats should be at a minimum level, and the muscle tissues should be in a visible state, resulting in a distinct body shape. But now, every young and old man wants to keep their body in the ripped state, to remain physically fit and more active in life. Moreover, the young people feel more confident, due to their better-looking physique. But most of the people have no idea about exactly what to eat to get ripped body, though they can get practical suggestions in this matter, from the 3 Week Diet program.

Though the process of getting ripped body involves many challenging exercises too, the diet chart plays a vital role in achieving the desired result. Usually, the ripping procedure requires around 15 weeks for proper bodybuilding, but the modern technique claims to give the result in only 3 weeks.

What to Eat to Get Ripped Body?

The appropriate diet chart for achieving an ideal ripped body should contain enough proteins and carbohydrates, as well only the required amount of beneficial fats. But overall the diet should contain very less calorie content, for the fast burning of any excess fat of the body. Many people think that diet isn’t that important in losing weight. Fitness gurus all over the world claim the exercise is the most important aspect of losing weight.

Let’s break that myth: food is the most important thing while cutting weight!

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is very important mealThe ideal breakfast should compromise the egg whites of 4 eggs, 2 slices of wholegrain bread, at least 50 gm of oats with blueberries and a glass of warm milk. You can eat eggs in boiled, poached or scrambled form; but the omelette or fried eggs are similarly beneficial for the body. The fenugreek seeds can be an addition to the oatmeal, for increasing the glucose uptake in the body. Some people may also prefer some low-fat fruits, like grapefruit or raisins in the breakfast.

2. Be Careful What You’re Eating at Lunch

what to eat to get rippedThe lunch menu of a bodybuilder should contain at least 150 gm of hot turkey, a hard-boiled egg and 2 pieces of toasted whole grain bread. Another good one is Swiss cheese and lots of fresh salads of lettuce and carrots, along with an apple. After finishing the meal, drink a glass of water or a pint of diet soda. However, be extra cautious when drinking soda, as it contains sugar that makes people obese and ill. For best weight loss, don’t eat or drink any sugar.

If you can, the best way to eat your lunch is before your workout. Lunch should include the biggest meal of your day, so why not to eat it before training when you need the energy for a workout?

3. Eat Smaller But More Frequently During the Day

Useful tip on what to eat to get ripped - eat healthy snacks during the day.The evening snack for getting a ripped body should include a tasty protein shake, oatcakes and 2 citrus fruits, like orange or grapefruit. Drinking a black coffee isn’t a bad choice too. Although, be careful of hypertension and coffee. Frozen yoghurt is also a favourite healthy snack for many bodybuilders, as it is good for digestive system too. Frozen yoghurt is rich in proteins and low in calories, which makes it the perfect snack for losing weight. If you know what to eat to get ripped, it will be easier for you to create a healthy snacks during the day.

People who are working on getting a fit body often should eat more time than other people. We aren’t talking about calories, but the frequency of meals. Aim to eat 4 – 6 meals per day, but don’t eat a lot of calories in every meal. Only meals loaded with calories should be meals around your workout. Try to eat around 1 – 1.5 hours before workout and 30 minutes after workout. Eat complex carbs combined with proteins before training and simple carbs with fast proteins for maximum muscle growth and recovery.

4. Dinner Won’t Make You Fat!

The typical dinner for obtaining a ripped body may contain 150 gm of stir-fried chicken, boiled broccoli and 1 cup of brown rice. Plenty of salads should be present in the dinner plate too, to fill up the appetite. The consumption of water is essential for maintaining the hydration level of the body. If you stay awake till late night, take a few sticks of celery fo filling up the hunger. Also, don’t consume any food which is hard to absorb because it can ruin your sleeping schedule.

We advise to eating at least one hour before going to sleep something light. Complex carbohydrates with proteins like cottage cheese are the perfect choice for dinner.

Don't skip your dinner
What to eat to get ripped body? Don’t skip a healthy dinner!

5. Supplements

Like the word supplement says, it’s a supplement to your daily diet. People shouldn’t focus on calories from supplements because it can’t replace the real food. Supplements are great if you’re in some physical training. Protein quality from supplements are superficial, so you’ll always consume the highest quality possible. Protein powders are popular among people who train because it’s simple and great for muscle recovery. For example, you don’t need to spend your time preparing a meal after a hard workout. You can just add your protein powder into the liquid and drink it. If you’re following some hard workout routine, we advise you to check for Whey Protein because it’s the best protein powder for building the muscle. If you already know what to eat to get ripped, it’s an easy job to pick the best supplement.

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Sometimes is hard to consume enough nutrients during a busy day, so supplements are great not to be in calorie surplus/deficit. Also, we advise you to consume some minerals and vitamins because chances are you’re not consuming enough vitamins/minerals through your regular diet. Vitamins and minerals are crucial for a proper body function and hormonal picture.

If you can change a few habits in your life and add healthy meals into your daily routine, you can build a superb looking body in a matter of weeks. Though initially, this diet plan may seem a bit harsh; but one must know what to eat to get ripped, and there are fruitful suggestions in 3 Week Diet program for getting used to it with passing days.