UE Boom Review: Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker?

The UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker in Black

While doing the UE Boom Review, we noticed that Bluetooth Speakers are everywhere these days. Portable Bluetooth speakers are now a must-have accessory for your Smartphone, iPods, and Laptops. They are convenient to bring anywhere and can easily liven up your dull surroundings, especially the UE Boom Wireless Speaker.

As a matter of fact, with the advances in modern technology, Bluetooth speakers are now much smaller and ultraportable, more compact, have a lasting battery life, possess greater sound quality, shockproof and waterproof.

With all the specs mentioned, you would think that Bluetooth speakers are expensive. Yes, they can be — if you do not know what to buy. Well, look no further! Due to a high demand of quality wireless speakers, the Logitech company decided to focus on innovating Bluetooth speakers and ended up making the best Bluetooth speaker with the best specs at a price that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Introducing the future of all Bluetooth speakers – The UE BOOM Review – Unique 360 Degree Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Logitech's UE Boom Bluetooth Speakers in various colors
Logitech’s UE Boom Bluetooth Speakers in various colors

UE Boom Review – Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for 2017?

Let’s Make Some Noise.

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What is the Ultimate Ears UE Boom?

Most people look for a Bluetooth speaker that is guaranteed to deliver high-quality surround sound yet small and durable enough to be squeezed in a backpack or suitcase. The answer? The UE Boom Wireless Speaker. It’s a 360-degree speaker designed to be versatile, spontaneous, resilient and life resistant.

This wireless Bluetooth speaker is a more robust and durable version of the Jawbone Jambox speaker. Logitech, UE Boom’s manufacturer, tagged the UE Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker as something you take with you wherever you go, whether indoors or outdoors. So exciting!


1. Dimensions and Weight

The UE Boom Review. Unique Look 360 degree Bluetooth Speaker (Black)
The UE Boom Review. Unique Look 360 degree Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

First of all, the UE Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker has a dimension of 2.7 x 2.7 x 7.1 inches while weighing around 1.2 pounds, which makes it light but has a little bit of heft to it at the same time.

2. Style

Another distinguishing feature of the UE Boom is its style. UE Boom comes in an amazing display of colors (it comes in 7 colors– Black, White, Blue Steel, Green, Pink Vibe, Funky Zebra and Skrillex edition). Its styling has a light and subtle touch which makes it one of most easy-on-the-eyes portable Bluetooth speakers.

UE Boom Review of the head part with the auxiliary jack and hook
UE Boom Review of the head part with the auxiliary jack and hook

Moreover, there are two rounded hollow ends in the speaker – on one end, you can see the audio input (auxiliary jack) and USB connection (for charging) and on the other is the power button. Also, there’s a hook for clipping the speaker to a backpack with a carabiner on the same end with the audio input, and if you unscrew that hook, you will find a threaded tripod mount. The hook is a useful feature for active people and those always on the go.

3. Structure

The UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker in Blue Steel
The UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker in Blue Steel

Thirdly, the UE Boom Review showed that this wireless Bluetooth speaker’s design is modeled after a water bottle. With such design, it is small enough to grip in one hand, therefore, making it extremely comfortable to hold for the user. You can lay it on its sides or upright, whichever way you prefer. Also, its versatility is one of its promising features. Unlike some other portable speakers of this size which are designed to stand only upright, making it shaky and unstable on flat surfaces.

Additionally, you may opt not to use the auxiliary 3.5mm socket to connect it to your device’s earphone jack, because you can easily access your Bluetooth. The UE Boom boasts a wireless connection which has an impressive range of up to a maximum of 50 feet (twice the range of its earlier version) given the ideal environmental conditions.

In reality, the actual wireless range will vary with use, settings, and environmental conditions. But a 50 ft range for a Bluetooth range is quite far, right? It’s a fairly decent range.

Unique Pulse-and-Play Mode

Furthermore, you can sync a phone with the speaker manually through its settings menu, or hook it up with a swipe over the speaker, once already paired.

While we did the UE Boom Review, we discovered that this amazing Bluetooth speaker features a uniquely Pulse-and-Play mode of switching songs just by a tap of the hand on the top part of the speaker. However, if you’re feeling lazy, you can just switch songs by swiping on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The UE Boom's hook attached to a carabiner
The UE Boom’s hook attached to a carabiner

4. Sound Quality

The fourth outstanding feature of the UE Boom is the sound quality. The speaker looks like an entirely perforated water bottle on all sides, consequently offering a 360-degree surround sound in every direction. The UE Boom drops a bold, enveloping sound anywhere within its range. Also, Dual performance drivers pump out an outstandingly balanced sound – smooth mids and clear highs. In addition to that, two passive radiators produce a bass sound. Sounds good?

UE Boom's parts
UE Boom’s parts


In details, the speaker has two 1.5-inch full-range drivers and two 2-inch passive radiators for an improved response. Our UE Boom Review showed that Logitech has uniquely designed it to produce a 360-degree sound. A 360-degree surround sound means that you’ll hear the same quality of sound whether you’re standing in front of the speaker or behind it. Hence, it will all sound the same regardless of your position on the speaker.

For a speaker this small, the bass is excellent. Another impressive feature is its volume. It can go deafening – the volume [mass] to volume [dB] ratio  is immense. Although, it may sound quite strained by the 75 percent mark, at lower volumes, it’s totally balanced. The decent sound quality makes it a great little speaker to use in the kitchen or bedroom, as well as when you’re out and about outside.

5. Water Resistance

Next, we have the water resistance feature. This is an exciting and relevant feature of the UE Bluetooth speaker. UE Boom’s top and bottom part are rubberised while the speaker’s grids are sturdy woven fabric which makes it waterproof. As a result, droplets just fall off and are not absorbed. With this, our UE Boom Review showed that you can bring and play it on the waters without fearing for its life. Need proof? Check out the video above!

Do you love singing in the shower? Now you can lip sync to your favorite songs with the UE Boom. Because it’s water-resistant, you could use it as a shower speaker.

Uniquely, it has an acoustic skin and a special coating, which makes it water and stain resistant. Should it get dirty, you can wash it!

Hear, hear! For the earlier version of the UE Boom speaker, Logitech has not included rubberized caps for the audio input ports and USB, but now all units now come with those caps. So, Logitech promised it would send the caps to any customers who didn’t them get for free.

6. Battery Life

Continuing the UE Boom Review for the sixth and one of the most important feature of it is the battery life. The speaker has a rechargeable lithium-ion and is chargeable through USB. It has a battery life of up to 15 hours.

Easy to carry. Long Battery Life. The Logitech UE Boom Review. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Easy to carry. Long Battery Life. The Logitech UE Boom Review. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

A long battery life is a magnificent feature for a portable Bluetooth speaker as it can be used for long trips, outdoor activities, an all-day party, or whenever going to places that don’t have sources of electricity. The importance of having a long battery life is very crucial for Bluetooth speakers. Hence, This UE Boom Review concludes that the speaker is an excellent choice.

7. Compatibility

Lastly, like few other premium wireless speakers, the UE Boom Review also revealed that it has its unique app called UE Boom. It is available for Android and iOS devices. The app allows you to adjust the speaker’s bass and treble. The app also has a ”Double Up” feature – if you have another UE Boom, you can use the app to connect the two speakers together to help amplify the sound. Or you can have one speaker act as a left channel and one serve as a right channel to provide real stereo separation. Planning on bringing the party down? Just bring two UE Boom speakers, and you’re on! Check out the video above.

UE Boom Review, One Of The Best Bluetooth Speaker of 2017
UE Boom: The best Bluetooth Speaker of 2017

A Bluetooth speaker as compact, stylish and has a defined sound performance as Logitech’s UE Boom is an excellent choice if you’re planning to purchase a portable speaker. The UE Boom Review showed that its water bottle shape differs from other Bluetooth speakers and has been praised by many as having the nicest design. Not only does it have a beautiful design yet it’s also portable, durable and well-designed. Logitech doubtlessly succeeded on making a Bluetooth speaker with a 360-degree sound structure! For a top-notch audio experience and an outstanding sound quality, This UE Boom Review guarantees that It’s One of The Best Bluetooth Speaker of 2017.

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