Top 6 Piano Songs for Beginners

If you assume that you can play something splendidly in one sitting, think again. It is nearly impossible. But you can start by playing your favorite songs. Get yourself started by getting your hands on the straightforward and easy songs that you have probably heard countless times since your childhood. To make things easier for you here is a list of easy piano songs for beginners that you can learn very quickly. By learning these, you can convince yourself and others that you have the potential to be a true pianist. Bear in mind, the key to becoming a great musician is practice and lots of practice.

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List of Best 6 Piano Songs for Beginners

1. “The Alcotts” – Charles Ives

Even if you are not good with piano, you can teach yourself to play this song because it is a very simple piece. Some stretches are wide, so it needs large hands. There are unusual harmonies in it that make it seem more complicated than it is. But it is worth a shot.

If you know John Cage, you will be amazed by this piece. That is quite the opposite of his nature. It is a beautiful song with a slow melody. This song uses pedal throughout, so it is easy to put attention to finger work.

2. Gymnopédie No.1 – Erik Satie

This piece has been composed by one of France’s most talented pianists. It is a beautiful piece, and you cannot help but love it. You can check out its sheet music and see for yourself that it’s very simple. You can easily learn it even if you are a beginner. This is one of the easiest piano songs for beginners and people who’re starting with piano often learn that one first.

3. Clair de Lune – Debussy

It’s Debussy’s relatively slow piece but a very popular one. The combination of slightly irregular harmonies to create a smooth image in your mind makes this song remarkable. The only trick is avoiding the heaviness and present fluidity. Without a doubt, it will be a mesmerising piece of music if you execute it correctly.

4. The Heart Asks for Pleasure First – Michael Nyman

A simple melody to make a haunting theme that will echo in your mind even after the piece is finished. The beauty of this song is its melody that shows the enthusiastic side of the piece. You can try your hand at it and see if you can master it.

5. Ah! VousDirai-Je, Maman – Mozart

That is one of the famous and stunning pieces of all the time. The song is originated from a famous French folk song that emphasises on different aspects of the piano. It can confuse the people because one cannot expect the ending while listening to the starting of the song.

Additionally, this piece is very comfortable, and it will sound amazing if you pay some attention to your finger work.

6. Comptine D’un Autreété, L’Après-midi -Yann Tiersen

It is one of the masterpieces from the French film Amelie. It is just like a bouquet of lilies that captures your heart at first sight. Technically, it is very simple to play, but its melody makes it attractive. It holds emotional maturity to play its notes. It’s a very moving piece that can make you tear up.

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