Top 5 High Paying Affiliate Programs

Do you want to know the top of the list high paying affiliate programs? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to tell you about some of the highest paying affiliate programs that can benefit you greatly.

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What if I told you that you could get more than the original product price as commission? Yeah, I won’t believe me too. But it’s true. There are affiliate programs out there that are so much lucrative that you won’t even need regular jobs to pay your bills. The companies that pay this much commission are usually tech software. Their products don’t cost them anything, and they can quickly pay affiliate marketers the amount they deserve.

Here are the Top 5 High Paying Affiliate Programs That You Can Sign Up for:

1. WPEngine

choose one ot the high paying affiliate programs today and start earning money.

That is one of the highest paying affiliate marketing programs. You can even make as high as $7,500 per sale. It’s a program that offers authentic hosting services. You can sell it to businesses that care about their website maintenance and security. If you bring in more than ten sales per month, you have a chance of getting a bonus up to $1500. There is even a 30 days trial for WPEngine so that you can get a better understanding of how everything works. This way, you will know how to promote it in a better way.

2. SiteGround

That is an also a hosting service and it has great reviews among its users. It hosts its affiliate program. You can get up to $125 per sale as commission. Their plans are cheap, and it’s easier to promote than WPEngine.

If you want to try this program, we advise you to check SiteGround official website for more information.

3. MaxCDN

maxcdn - high paying affiliate programs

MaxCDN is a trusted Content Deliver Network. Talented developers recommend it because of its open source tools like Jquery and Font Awesome etc. Its plans start at $9.99 per month and affiliate marketers get paid 200% of the product price on their first sale. The commission can go up to as high as $4,800 per sale.

4. SemRush

SemRush is an awesome SEO tool that is beneficial for content marketers. It even shows keywords that most people don’t know about. You can earn 40% per month for your active referrals for the rest of your life. That is an excellent way to earn passive income. You can make $279.8 per month for life if you have just ten referrals. Paypal payment limit is $50 for withdrawal and wire transfer; $200 is the minimum required balance.

5. Shopify

You’ve all heard of Shopify, right? Guess what? They have an affiliate program too. It’s a website that lets you create online stores to sell your products.

shopify is the good choice when it comes to choosing one of the high paying affiliate programs.
shopify is the good choice when it comes to choosing one of the high paying affiliate programs.

Their plan starts at $9.99 per month and they either pay 200% per sale or 20% recurring revenue, depending on affiliate’s choice. They pay their affiliates via Paypal if their balance reaches past $20.

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