3 Beauty Photography Mistakes to Avoid

If you are new in the world of beauty photography, you’ll make a lot of mistakes. But mistakes are necessary to learn. For learning process to work, personal experiences are a must. Or you could just benefit from the lessons learned from other people’s mistakes. It could save a lot of your time, money and effort, right?

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But if you think that you need a few pointers so that you can get better at beauty photography, keep on reading. Here is a list of the top most common beauty photography mistakes that beginners make.

Things to Avoid in Beauty Photography at All Cost

1. Thinking That You Don’t Need a Team

beauty photography tips - surround yourself with a team.
The best beauty photography tip is to surround yourself with talented people who can motivate you.

When you are just starting out, you may believe that you can do all the work by yourself. But you can’t be good at everything, right? For example, if your primary skill is beauty photography, marketing and meetings may not be your strong suits. If you try to do all the things on your own, you’ll end up doing a mediocre job at everything.

What you should do instead is that you find people related to your niche like models, makeup artist, hairstyle expert, etc. In the present day and age, it’s a lot easier than it used to be before. Social media and online communities hold gems that you can’t find if you look for them locally. Make the team if you want to be successful in your field instead of being just okay.

2. Using Unsuitable Lenses

In beauty photography projects, you need to be very careful about the lenses you use. You don’t need to add in a lot of backgrounds, and your primary focus will be on the subject. Any lens less than 70mm focal length will cause distortions the closer you move to the issue. Even 70mm lenses can cause distortions if you move close enough. Remember, if you are taking a close close-up photo, you will need lenses with bigger focal length. You’ll need to use Macro lens if you require taking a picture that just includes the face of the subject.

3. Wrong Light Modification

The direct light will create hard edges and create darker shadows. The farther the direct light is from the subject; the longer will be the shade. On the other hand, diffused lighting will produce a smoother effect. The closer the distributed light source is to the subject, the brighter and softer shadows will be created.

The more problematic or aged the skin of your subject, the more you will have to soften the light. Diffused light and large softbox will have a huge effect in cleaning up the skin texture and make the photo look more flattering.

beauty photography tip - make sure to have a good lightning.
Make sure to have the good lights where you take your beauty photos.

Even if you are using soft lighting, if you direct it from the side, it will highlight the rough skin texture. Since we are talking about beauty photography here, it’s best if you avoid this kind of thing. That is, unless your subject has the perfect and smooth skin texture, of course.

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