Tinkerbell Costume Reviews: 10 Best Designs

Tinkerbell or Tink for short is a fictional character who made her first appearance in the 1904 play Peter Pan of J.M. Barrie and the 1911 novel on Peter and Wendy.

Tinkerbell has been featured in a lot of film and movie adaptations of Peter Pan, most notable of which is the animated movie of Peter by Walt Disney in 1953. 

Since then, the Tinkerbell costume has been so popular and dressing up like her is considered as one of the best Halloween costume ideas for little girls and female adults.

Tinkerbell started out as a supporting character to Peter and Wendy and had no dialogue.  She was considered as merely a common fairy. Unconsciously, she became such a big hit and since became widely known as the unofficial mascot of the Walt Disney Company.

Since then Tinkerbell, for over half a century, has become one of Disney’s iconic brands known as “a symbol of the Magic of Disney.

It is every little girl’s dream to dress up like Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell costumes are great Halloween ideas because they are simple, cute and fun for both little girls and female adults.

Tinkerbell Costume for Toddler Tinkerbelle Birthday Party and Dress Up

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Wearing the Tinkerbell Costume for Toddler Tinkerbelle Birthday Party and Dress Up will make your little girl feel magical just like Tinkerbell herself.

In this Tinkerbelle Birthday Party and Dress up enchanted costume, your little girl will surely dazzle the crowd.

Make your little girl become Peter Pan’s dearly loved fairy friend for the day. Costumes for kids need to be cute and comfortable.

This Tinkerbell Costume for Toddler Tinkerbelle Birthday Party and Dress Up fits the requirement perfectly.

This costume set comes complete with a neon green tutu; a green- accentuated white wings; a studded wand; and a matching green headband. The white shirt is not included.

Girls Classic Disney Tinker Bell Rainbow Costume

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With a little bit of imagination and the unmatched Disney magic, watch your child travel to a world of delight and wonder with Tinkerbell costume ideas.

The Tinker Bell Rainbow Classic Costume set includes a dress with layered skirt.

This leaf green satin dress has a rainbow knit mesh yoke.  The ruched bodice has a rainbow mesh ruffle and colorful and pretty puff sleeves.

A purple satin flower comes attached to the top of the dress.

The skirt of the dress has green mesh overlays with purple accent on the waist and saw tooth edges. The dress fastens at the back of the neck with a Velcro.

And also, the fairy wings are on wire frames and made of purple knit mesh.

This fairy dress is made of 100% polyester satin and knit mesh fabric.

Tinkerbell costumes always make beautiful kids halloween costumes. Your little fairy princess will be so thrilled to be wearing the Tinker Bell Rainbow Classic Costume and will feel just like the famous Disney fairy.

Sprinkle a dash of fairy dust on your little fairy. Little girls dream of stuff like Tinkerbell Rainbow Classic costume.

Leg Avenue Disney 5Pc. Pixie Dust Tinkerbell Costume Dress

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Leg Avenue helps female adults step out of reality for a bit and transfer into the world of imagination. Leg Avenue says they invent fantasy through their quality and sexy Halloween costumes.

Leg Avenue will let you live out your fantasy of being Tinkerbell even for just a day with the Leg Avenue Disney 5Pc. Pixie Dust Tinkerbell Costume Dress

The 5 piece Leg Avenue Disney Pixie Dust Tinkerbell Costume Dress includes a sequined dress with a sheared light green glittered skirt and a leaf green bustier top.

This Tinkerbell costume has a removable back bow with train. The costume set also includes clear straps (optional), dainty wings and lurex pom pom shoe clips.

California Costumes Women’s Eye Candy Tinkerbell Fairy Adult Adult

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Are you looking for sexy Halloween costumes for women?

The California Costumes Women’s Eye Candy Tinkerbell Fairy Adult Adult is a super sexy Tinkerbell costume that will surely be your favorite. This eye-catching and enchanting fairy costume will show body curves you have worked on.

The California Costumes Women’s Eye Candy Tinkerbell Fairy Adult Adult costume includes a green one- piece dress with a laced up bodice and adjustable ties for the length skirt. This Eye Candy Tinkerbell adult costume is accessorized with tulle mini puff sleeves.

The costume also comes with dainty semi sheer fairy wings, a cute matching pouch with gold strap and a ribbon headpiece. Gold shoes do not come with the costume.

This is one of the cool Halloween costumes from California Costumes.

Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Wand Costume Accessory

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Tinkerbell inspired Halloween costumes are never complete without the Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Wand Costume Accessory by Disguise.

Fairies are magical creatures.

More often than not, they are photographed holding a long thin stick or what is called a magic wand. Wands give the fairies their magical energy. It help fairies cast magic spells to whoever the wand is pointed.

Wands complete the look of fairies making them an indispensable accessory for the best Halloween costumes with a Tinkerbell theme.

When in a Tinkerbell costume, always accessorize your look with the Disguise Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Wand Costume Accessory.

The wand comes with metallic ribbons and beads. The tip features a Tinkerbell character cameo highlighted by a green beaded star frame.

Disguise Baby Girl’s Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Costume

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Send your little girl to her next Halloween party in this dazzling Disguise Baby Girl’s Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Costume.

This adorable toddler costume includes a green sparkle dress with the upper portion made of 100% Polyester.

The sleeves are of 100% Nylon and the overlay skirt and shell front panel also of 100% Nylon fabric. 

The pink lining on the other hand is of 100% Polyester fabric. The detachable dainty wings are of 62% Nylon with 38% polyester material.

In order to ensure that your little girl will be comfortable with her Disguise Baby Girl’s Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Costume, soft fabrics and materials have been chosen.

This Let’s Pretend Child’s Springtime Fairy Costume with Wings is for 12-18 month old cute girls.

Disney made these Tinkerbell inspired costumes for kids as official Disney licensed costumes.

Let’s Pretend Child’s Springtime Fairy Costume with Wings

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Your little lady will feel like a grown-up lady when she wears her Let’s Pretend Child’s Springtime Fairy Costume with Wings.

This Springtime Fairy Costume includes a pink dress with green accents on the waist and shoulders.

Daintily decorated wings and two wristlets complete the Tinkerbell look. Rubie’s outfits always make cool halloween costumes.

Tinker Bell Ballet Slippers

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Your little girl’s Tinkerbell costume will not be complete without Tinker Bell Ballet Slippers. This pale green Tinker Bell Ballet Slippers is made of a velvety cloth.

The Slippers features a medallion type character cameo of Tinkerbell outlined with white feathers.

A cross strap in shimmering silver will hold your little girl’s feet in place. This Disguise product is made of high quality materials to ensure your little girl’s comfort and safety.

Tinkerbell Bell Ballet Slippers will complete the true fairylike feeling of your child.

These slip ons are perfect ideas for Halloween costumes. Pair these Tinker Bell Ballet slippers with any similarly cute Tinkerbell costume and matching accessories.

Rubie’s Child’s Pixie Ballerina Costume

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For sure your little girl believes in fairies and she will definitely love to play a Disney fairy in this adorable Rubie’s Child’s Pixie Ballerina Costume.

This shimmering ensemble includes a green fairy dress and a Tinkerbell wing. Wearing this fairy costume from Rubie’s will surely make your little girl’s heart soar.

This Child’s Pixie Ballerina Costume, with a sprinkle of pixie dust, can make your little girl join Peter Pan, Wendy, Peter, Michael and the Lost Boys on a dangerous adventure to overthrow Captain Hook. Every little girl adores Tinkerbell and wishes to one day dress like her.

Make your little girl’s wish come true. The Rubie’s Chils’s Pixie Ballerina Costume is one of the best ideas for Halloween.

Fairy Pixie Wings and Wand Set

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The 2 piece purple Fairy Pixie Wings and Wand Set is a charming dress up accessory for your little girl’s Tinkerbell fairy halloween costumes.

A purple butterfly wand comes with the set.

The matching purple wings come embellished with jeweled stones and sparkling glitters. The wings include a strap for easy wearing over the shoulders.

Wings and wands should always be present in every Tinkerbell outfit. The joy these wing and wand set will bring to your little girl will be such a pleasure to watch.


In the many years since her creation, Tinkerbell has become one of the major spokes-characters for the Walt Disney Company together with Mickey Mouse.

Disneyland visitors have seen her fly over the castle spreading pepper pixie dust over the mesmerized children. Tinkerbell is widely known for flying with a thin magical wand in her hand, lavishly waving it to make fairy dust to fly out and cast a magic spell.

tinkerbell costumeCostumes give children the pleasure to play creatively and to pretend to be in a world all their own.

Tinklebell, from “Peter Pan,” outfits rank first among the Top Seven Theater-Inspired costumes for girls. Little girls believe in fairies.  When you were a little girl, you too believe in fairies.

It is every girl’s wish to dress like Tinkerbell.

There are tons of Tinkerbell costumes to choose from to add a little of Neverland magic to your halloween ideas.