10 Tips for a Stunning Front Garden Design

“The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.” This is a famous quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. This quote reminds us that apart from family, friends also make up the life of any home. One of the great ways to entertain and make new friends is having a lovely front garden design. A beautiful and well-thought out of front yard makes a good conversation starter. Not to mention all the “Oohs” and “Aahs” that you’ll get for having a great garden. Ged ready to add a lot to your yard’s worth with the help of these ten practical front garden design tips.

1. Evaluate Your Front Landscape from the Outside

Assess your whole property and write its demerits and values in its entirety
Assess your whole property. Take note of its demerits and values in its entirety

First of all, before any great front garden designing is going to happen, we have to have an honest look at our front yard. Every house has its assets and liabilities. That’s why it is important to list all of your home’s advantages and disadvantages.  In addition to this, it is also noteworthy to look at other houses for inspiration and ideas. Observe and learn how these homes situate their entryways and driveways with front garden designs. From there, you can determine your front landscape’s structural and planting needs.

2. Planning Your Walkway

After the assessing your property, it is now time to plan and design your walkway that flows. It is important to follow the natural access paths when placing your walks. Furthermore, we must make sure that our accessways offer a comfortable passage. It should be wide enough for two persons to walk side by side.

3. Incorporating Plants and Structures

What makes any walkway interesting are the plants that go with it.  When choosing plants for your lawn, find those that would suit you and your lifestyle. If you want a low care garden, opt for xeriscape. If you are a person who likes more flowers, then you have to be ready for more aftercare.

Front Garden Design Ideas
Front Garden Design Ideas

It is also imperative to pick a plant with multiple decorative advantages. It will extend your yard’s seasonal allure. 

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Also, the structural aspects of your garden will be the most permanent and costly. Therefore, it is better if you might want to construct them in stages. Choose structures that will add to the beauty and harmony of your lawn.

4. Have a Functional Entryway in Mind

Make your home’s entryway inviting and clear by situating your plants and structures strategically. So we must make sure of the height and kinds of plants we are to use. Place doorbells and door knockers in a level where people can see and use conveniently. We have to be sure to make our driveways effortlessly visible as well. There should be ample light at night time so that anyone can see their way easily.

5. Plan for Steps, Edgings, and Borders

Part of planning a stunning, yet practical, front garden design is the steps. It should be safe for anyone whether snow or rain.

If you are thinking of adding steps, or a ramp if you like, to your walkway, it should be noticeable. Use a plant accent to make the steps apparent. Check them from time to time that your ramps and steps are safe in rain or snow.

Add edges and borders to create more drama, depth, and personality to your front landscape. For a nice outline that lasts through time, try building small concrete curbs or purchase one of those pre-made edgings.  If you want an inexpensive alternative, try rubber or metal strips as a garden edge or border. You may also want to use flowers or ground covers as edging. Just make sure that they are not close to the walkway so that they will not overgrow it.

6. Check with your Neighbors

Before creating any great alterations with your landscape, think about your neighbors. Questions like “Will this tree block their good view?” or “Will these plants become an eventual menace to my neighbors’ lawn?” are critical to ask.

7. Check your lines

To further avoid inconvenience, it is best to know the location of your water and electrical lines around your property. Nothing says annoying like piercing and destroying one of your utility lines. It will only add a great expense on your part, not to mention the difficulty you’ll cause to others.

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8. Check your building code

It is a good plan to ask your local building official for your town’s building code. Take note of the maximum acceptable height for walls and fences, as well as heights for decks and terraces.

9. Start Creating the Front Garden Design of Your Dreams

Now that the planning and research are underway, it is now time to get creative and start building your utopia of a landscape. You might want to have a theme for your yard like vintage, Western, Oriental, or contemporary. Keep in mind to have a proportionate front garden design. It is also a good reminder to highlight your home’s attractive aspects and downplay the poor ones.

10. Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance!

A well-maintained lawn improves any property's look.
A front garden design that is well-maintained and cared for greatly improves any property’s look.

The most important part of building your dream lawn is the aftercare of it. Many homeowners, after having completed their garden project, just leave their plants to nature. Then they’ll wonder why everything becomes unpleasant to the eyes. To keep your garden at its tip-top shape, have the heart to strive to care for these plants and the structures around it. In the end, you’ll get to benefit from it as you will enjoy the beauty it brings to you and to your property.

With these simple tips, you may now begin transforming your front garden design. May it make your landscape more impressive to the eyes and the senses. For more awesome landscaping ideas and design, visit Ideas For Landscaping