Stackable Washer Dryer: Top 6 Choices

A stackable washer dryer is a single unit with both a washer and a dryer. This type of unit is your best option if you want to have a full-service laundry system but have limited space in your home.

Stackable washers dryers are designed in such a way that the dryer sits on top of the washer.

The most significant advantage of a stackable washer dryer is its miniature size and space saving feature, as compared to regular size side-by-side washers and dryers.

Other than its compact size, these “laundry centers,” as some people call these units, have other advantages:

• They are not as noisy as side by side units.

• They run on electricity.

• Finally, they cost less than buying a separate washer and dryer.

While stackable washers/dryers are designed as single units, some side-by-side washers and dryers come with provisions so they can be placed on top of the other.

6 Best Stackable Washer Dryer Reviews In 2017

1. LG POWER PAIR SPECIAL-Mega Capacity High-Efficiency Top Load Laundry System

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The LG POWER PAIR SPECIAL-Mega Capacity High-Efficiency Top Load Laundry System with ELECTRIC Dryer is the ultimate complete laundry set.

This washer and dryer set consists of 5.0 cubic feet top load washer and a 7.3 cubic feet electric dryer in pure white color.

This side by side washer and dryer are equipped with advanced technologies making them ideal for any home that needs a high capacity and efficient laundry system.

The washing machine comes with a NeveRust™ (rust-free) drum with stainless steel finish from top to bottom.

It also features a 12 washing cycle operation and a TurboWash option for maximum cleanliness of the biggest of washing loads.

The washer consumes less water to eliminate even the toughest of dirt and odor.

It does not require so much time to soak because real steam allows clothes to directly absorb the detergent. This washer cuts laundry time by as much as 20 minutes but ensures maximum cleaning.

This top load washer comes with electronic controls and a LED display for easy setting of wash times.

Its glass lid allows easy viewing of your wash. The steam dryer features a convenient door that makes loading and unloading clothes a breeze.

2. LG PAIR BUY-Front-Control Laundry Pair with WaveForce

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The LG PAIR BUY-Front-Control Laundry Pair with WaveForce Technology consists of a large 4.5 cubic feet washing machine and an equally large 7.3 cubic feet electric dryer.

Both units feature front controls and are in white color with clear finish.

The washer works on a cold wash which is energy efficient while giving off the performance of a warm water wash. This washer ensures maximum washing and rinsing power.

The dryer comes with a Sensor Dry making it a super energy saving appliance. Its Steam Fresh feature minimizes wrinkles in clothes.

Washer works best with Stainless Braided Water Houses (sold separately). Dryer power cord is also sold separately.

3. Maytag Maxima XL Front Load Steam Stackable Washer Dryer Set

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If you are looking to have your laundry done in a jiffy, then the Maytag Maxima XL Front Load Washer and Electric Steam Dryer in Graphite color set is the laundry system for you.

This laundry set has an ultra-large capacity to fit in even the largest and bulkiest items for each load.

The Maytag washer can fit up to 4.3 cubics of load, and the dryer has a 7.3 cubic load capacity.

This Maytag washer uses steam to clean and sanitize your wash load. Steam effectively removes the toughest of stains and helps the clothes come out of the washer soft and wrinkle free.

Steam also sanitizes clothes and reduces allergens.

It also uses less water and is highly energy efficient. Washer works on both hot and cold water with an automatic detection of which water temperature to use based on the selected cycle option.

It has a high revolution per minute (RPM) which eliminate more water from clothes thus shortening

Sensors also detect the amount of water needed, based on the load to ensure maximum washing and rinsing performance. Its stainless steel drum is so durable that it can resist chipping and corrosion.

The dryer also comes with a stainless style drum and comes with a Wrinkle Prevent option that will make you have ready to wear wrinkle free clothes fresh out of the dryer. This dryer uses the steam drying method with five settings to choose from so you are drying clothes in a temperature right for the type of fabric.

4. Power Pair Special-LG Turbo Series Ultra-Capacity Laundry System with Steam

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The Power Pair Special-LG Turbo Series Ultra-Capacity Laundry System with Steam consists of 4.5 cubic feet large washer and its perfect partner, the 7.4 cubic feet front load electric dryer.

The washing machine uses steam to wash and sanitize your laundry.

It has a higher than usual spin rate per minute that squeezes more water out, so clothes will stay on the dryer for a short time. This feature makes the washer-dryer energy saving units.

This washer features the TurboWash technology which allows you to save up to 20 minutes of wash time but with the same cleaning performance.

The dyer of this perfect laundry pair is an electric steam dryer that comes with a LED display.

This dryer comes with 14 drying settings. It also comes with a reversible door depending on where its partner washer is positioned side by side with it.

For small laundry spaces, this dryer is vertically stackable with its partner washer.

5. Frigidaire White Electric Stackable Washer Dryer Combo

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This Frigidaire 27” stackable washer and dryer unit (dryer is on top of the washer) consists of a 3.8 cubic feet washer and 5.5 cubic feet with a total dimension of 27” width x 31.5” depth x 76” height.

The washer comes with a nine wash cycle including speed wash.

On the other hand, the dryer comes with a nine dry cycle including a refresh cycle to get rid of clothes’ wrinkles.

This washer/dryer combo has a big capacity so you can load even four days of laundry at a time.

With its Super Speeds, your laundry will be washed and dried in a little less than an hour.

Both the washer and dryer can be used simultaneously. The analog control knobs of this Frigidaire White Electric Washer/Dryer Combo allow ease in adjusting settings. This stainless steel washer dryer combo includes automatic temperature settings.

Water levels are also adjusted automatically. Clothes spin rigorously for minimal drying time.

This stackable washer & dryer combo also comes with dispensers for bleach and fabric softener, so they are added at the appropriate time of the wash cycle. The shrinking of clothes is avoided with the four temperature controls enabling the right amount of heat to be used for different types clothes.

Wrinkle-free clothes are assured with the dryer’s Moisture sensor which turns off at the right time. The high-efficiency cleaning power of this washer and dryer combo ensures clean white and bright color laundry at all times.

6. Speed Queen ATEE9AGP

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The Speed Queen ATEE9AGP stacked washer dryer is an Energy Star appliance with dimensions of the width of 26.875”, height 78.1875 and depth 27.75.

The electric washer has a capacity of 3.42 cubic feet, and the dryer has a capacity of 7.0 cubic feet.

With nine washer cycles and seven dryer cycles, this dependable washer dryer has a quiet operation and does not vibrate.

This Speed Queen appliance performs as efficiently as their single unit but only takes a few square feet of space.

The Speed Queen ATEE9AGP electric laundry system features a Time Remaining Display so you can clearly see how much longer it will take to have your laundry done. With this Speed Queen washer dryer, you can immediately open the door of the washer after its End of Cycle Indicator informs you that a wash cycle is done. When you open the door of the dryer, its interior light is activated so you can clearly see its contents.

With the dryer, you can choose how dry your laundry will be through its Moisture Level Selection. Its Moisture Sensors instantly ends a cycle once it reaches the preset moisture level. This Speed Queen unit has a sturdy stainless steel drum that guarantees solid and reliable performance.

The reversible door allows the flexibility of choosing which direction it opens depending on where you position your dryer.

A stackable washer dryer electric is your best option when you need a highly efficient laundry system but do not have enough space for a single washer and dryer units.

Stackable Washer DryerWhen you are shopping for a Stackable Washer Dryer kit, you need to meticulously choose your best choice based on size, which is exactly the reason why you are opting for this type of laundry system. Some Stackable Washer Dryer units are stackable which will also fit in small spaces.

A stackable washer dryer usually comes in 220 volts which an electrician needs to install. There are some that require only the standard 110-volt outlet. The most important factor is the Energy Saving Rating of the stackable washer dryer or stackable washers and dryers.

The stackable washer dryer with higher Energy Star ratings cost more but will eventually allow you to save more money on your power bills.

I hope these stackable washer dryer reviews will help you make the best decision.