Spiderman Costume Reviews: 10 Best Ideas

Everyone loves Spiderman.

The “Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman” has through the years been extremely popular to both kids and adults. Comics, animated series, movies, name it and Spiderman has nailed them all. The Spiderman costume has evolved to keep abreast of the times since it made its first appearance in 1962.

The passion of kids and now even adults on owning a Spiderman costume is here to stay.

The market is not lacking in Spiderman cool Halloween costumes. Manufacturers have designed a wide range of Spiderman costumes to mimic the traditional Spiderman outfit. If you want to be Spiderman this Halloween, you need to have the essentials:  bodysuit, a pullover mask and gloves.

These Spiderman costume choices will make your superhero come to life:

Disguise Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Spider-Man Toddler Muscle Costume

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In the movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker is multi-tasking between controlling the bad guys, spending as much time as he can with the love of his life-Gwen Stacy and finishing high school.

Peter has promised Gwen’s father to stay away from her for her protection. He is not able to keep his promise because of the appearance of a new villain, Electro and an old friend, Harry Osborn causing Peter to discover new things about his past.

It is typical for kids to indulge in imaginative playtime. Whether your little boy is playing dress up or hunting for a perfect costume halloween, this Amazing Spider-Man 2 Toddler Muscle Costume is just perfect!

The jumpsuit in polyester material comes with muscle torso and arms.

The famed character headpiece is made of soft fabric. This is one the costumes for kids that will make him feel that he is as strong and great as Spiderman! This Spider-Man Toddler Muscle Costume from Disguise is an official Marvel Licensed Costume.

Rubies Amazing Spiderman Child Costume

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The Rubie’s Costume Company is the largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of good halloween costumes. Rubie’s has for 65 years been manufacturing top quality and licensed costumes and accessories for Halloween, the holidays and other special occasions.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Kids Costume is made of the same quality design and craftsmanship the Rubie Costume Company has been known for.

Made with 100% polyester provides a wrinkle-free The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Kids Costume. This one simple Spiderman costumes for kids will be extremely comfortable for your child to wear.

This flat-printed jumpsuit comes with a fabric mask and is available in small, medium and large.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Spider-Man Classic Muscle Boys Costume by Disguise

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If you are in the lookout for cheap Halloween costumes, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Spider-Man Classic Muscle Boys Costume by Disguise is what you are looking for.

This Official Marvel Licensed Costume will make your boy look just like the superhero he has seen on the movie screen.

He will exactly feel like Spiderman when he puts on this Classic Muscle Spiderman costume.

Disguise Classic Muscle Boys’ Costume is a jumpsuit made of polyester material, and comes with muscle torso and arms and fabric character hood.

If you want your child to have the extra muscles on his chest, arms and legs, then this Spiderman Classic Muscle Boys Costume is one of kids Halloween costumes that is perfect for him.

Super Kiddos Superhero Cape and Mask Costumes for Kids

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This Superhero Kids set from Supper Kiddos includes capes, masks, stickers and tattoos. This set will allow your child to shift from being Superman to Batman to Iron Man to Spiderman with ease.

When searching for costume ideas for your child’s superhero costume party, getting a number of this Superhero Kids Set should be the perfect idea.

This set is also a great gift idea. Your kids will be ecstatic to be a different superhero every day.

This Spiderman costume set can be worn by kids of all ages.

Made to withstand normal wear and tear, the superhero capes compose satin on both sides. With proper care, the screen-printed logos will keep their vibrant color long after your child has outgrown them. The cape has a Velcro neck fasener for easy take on and off, making it adjustable, too.

The masks, made of the best quality, include a band making them adjustable to any head size.

The set also comes with a bonus of 3 sheets of superhero stickers with each sheet having about 25 stickers and 1 sheet of 21 tattoos.

Amazing Spiderman 2 Mega Blaster Web Shooter with Glove

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The Amazing Spiderman 2 Mega Blaster Web Shooter with Glove – a toy inspired by the movie.

The child wears the glove and straps the web shooter to his wrist. He then loads either the canister that launches web fluid or the one that launches water to the trigger device.

The web fluid, when blasted looks like real web. The water canister gives a quick squirt of water. This Web Shooter is for kids ages 5 and up who are great Spiderman fans.

The Web Shooter with glove comes with one canister of the Spidey Shot Web fluid.

Additional cans can be purchased separately.

The water canister can be refilled from the sink.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Mega Blaster Web Shooter with Glove is made of materials safe for children. This toy is made of materials that have been tested for quality and durability. The Mega Blaster Web Shooter is a perfect accessory to any Spiderman costume.

Rubie’s Men’s The Amazing Spiderman 2 Second Skin Costume

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The Rubie’s Men’s The Amazing Spiderman 2 Second Skin Costume is the closest you can get to Spiderman in so far as halloween outfits are concerned.

Wearing this second skin costumes feels like the jumpsuit is literally part of your body.

The Spiderman costume is lightweight, extremely flexible and breathable.

The spandex content of the costume makes it stretchable.

The Rubie’s Men’s The Amazing Spiderman 2 Second Skin Costume, a one piece printed jumpsuit, comes with matching mask.

You can see, breath and even drink through the mask.

This second skin Spiderman costume is available by jacket size. Medium fits 38-40 and extra-large fits 44-46. This is one of Rubie’s superhero costumes that always become a big hit whenever worn.

Superhero or Princess CAPE & MASK SET

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Turn your kid into a superhero or princess instantly with these Superhero or Princess Cape and Mask Set. Almost all superheroes and princesses have a cape and mask set in this product line from the So Sydney brand.

This simple halloween costumes for kids is also great for dress-up, playtime and superhero parties.

The cape, made of double layered satin with a Velcro close at the neck, measured approximately 27 inches, and would fit children ages 3-10 years old. The mask has a stretchable band to fit different head sizes.

If you are in a rush any of these capes and masks are fantastic ideas for halloween costumes.

Superhero Little Boys’ Zip-Up Fleece Hoodie with Mesh Mask

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This Superhero Little Boys’ Zip-Up Fleece Hoodie with Mesh Mask allows your kid to be a superhero in style any time of the year.

Your little boy will feel mighty each time he wears this fleece hoodie.

This hoodie has a full front YKK zipper. The hoodie has superhero design printed all over and with the mask attached to the hood.

The Superhero Little Boys’ Zip-Up Fleece Hoodie with Mesh Mask is lightweight but breathable. Your little boy can choose between Spiderman costume, Batman, Captain America, TMNT, Darth Vader, Donatello or Star Wars graphic designs.

Amazing Spider-Man Movie 2 Spider-Man Classic Costume by Disguise

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The Amazing Spider-Man Movie 2 Spider-Man Classic Costume by Disguise is one of the adult Halloween costumes that made it to the 10 Best Disguise Costumes Men Movies at rank 2.  Wear this Spiderman costume and become one of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes.

This 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex in Blue/Red/Black will immediately transform you into Spiderman himself.

Adult costumes are good not only for Halloween. Many also wear costumes for such events as the Fourth of July, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and a lot more events. Spiderman by Disguise is also included in the Top 12 Superhero Costumes for Men.

Reversible Spider-Man Red to Black Classic Costume

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If you cannot decide whether to go for a classic Spiderman and dark Vernon or the classic blue and red costume, try the Reversible Spider-Man Red to Black Classic – considered one of the best halloween ideas.

This Spiderman costume comes in both the black classic and the classic blue and red.

One side of the costume features the popular classic blue and red Spiderman suit.

Turn the costume inside out and you will have the Peter Parker’s black doppelganger, Vernon costume.

Made with polyester material, The Reversible Spider-Man Red to Black Classic, becomes extremely comfortable to wear. This reversible suit has the spider web print on the arms and legs of the costume.

The Spiderman hood comes with it and likewise reversible.

The white mesh fabric on the eye area allows the wearer to see as he has the superhero’s mask on.

spiderman costumeEver since Spiderman made his first appearance in 1962, kids and adults cannot seem to get enough of him.

Spiderman started in the Comic books, moved on to the TV screens and finally captured the movie screen.

This means, Spiderman costumes will never go out of fashion and will forever be one of the timeless halloween costume ideas.