Smoking Kills: Bad Effects of Smoking

Smoking is one of the most addictive yet unhealthy activities in our society. In fact, it is so bad for out health that there is no way to reduce the harmful effects of smoking. Smoking tobacco has been addictive as well as a fashion among teenagers and the youth. There are some side effects of smoking which are bad for human health. It is important to understand that smoking kills. Following are the major harmful effects of smoking:

# Effect on the Central Nervous System

Cigarettes contain Nicotine, which stimulates moods and alters them. Nicotine is fast in reaching the brain. Nicotine makes you feel energized the moment you consume it, but it fades away after a while. Tobacco Smoking increases the risk of having poor eyesight, Cataracts, and Macular degeneration. Smoking kills the effectiveness of Senses of taste and smell which will make your taste buds function less.

Smoking Kills, know the harmful effects of smoking
Smoking Kills know the harmful effects of smoking

# Effect on the Digestive System

Smokers have a greater risk of being infected with Oral diseases. Tobacco leads to gum infection and also inflammation. In fact, infections in the mouth spread to the digestive organs which are internal. The digestive process may get affected due to the problem.

# Increases The Risk Of Lung Cancer

Smoking causes lung cancer since there is an enormous amount of tar gets collected in the lungs. Smoking dulls the ability to filter the air that is the person inhales. Therefore, the disability of the lungs become the reason for the entry of dangerous chemicals into our Respiratory System.

Smoking kills and passive smoking can be more dangerous than active smoking
Smoking kills and passive smoking can be more dangerous than active smoking

# Effect on Passive Smokers

Passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking. That means if you are to stay with people who smoke, you have greater chances of illness and diseases. It is dangerous to stay around people who smoke as cardiovascular system is struck immediately by the second-hand smoke. Passive smokers are prone to strokes and heart problems.

#It Affects Brain Cells, Skin, Hair and Nails as well

Smoking damage our skin, hair and nails as well. Smoking kills brain cells connected with the five senses of the human body. Therefore, a person addicted to smoking will experience deformities and decaying of teeth and nails. It leads to having wrinkled skin.

# Smoking Boosts Blood Sugar

Smoking has bad effects on blood sugar. As soon as the nicotine gets into our blood, it boosts the blood sugar. After a while, it reduces the sugar levels which makes the person feel tired and crave for more nicotine. This will lead to a fluctuation of the sugar levels which is not usual for a normal person.

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# Other Harmful Effects Of Smoking

Smoking kills most of the systems of the human body. The menopause system is one of them. Smoking kills the functioning of the reproductive system, and it leads to a short functioning of the menopause system. This will have much more side effects on the sex life of the person and result in other sicknesses as well.

Smoking leads to having smelly hair as it captures the smell of the tobacco long after a person quits smoking. It quickly destroys the appealing personality of an individual.

Smoking will cause difficulties of reproduction and erection as it blocks the nerve system in the body. This may lead to depression and anxiety. Smoking affects newborn if the mother is a passive smoker. There is a possibility of giving birth to Low weight babies with deformities occasionally.

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