Singing Lessons for Kids – Are They Safe?

Are singing lessons for kids safe? At what age should you teach how to sing? Should you even give your kids singing lessons? What if they hurt their voice?

These are the common questions asked by concerned parents who are thinking of teaching their kids how to sing. Let me give you an example. We all know acrobats and gymnasts are more flexible if they start on early in their lives. The same way, great singers, usually have a head start. See, the throat muscles are the most flexible when the kid is born. That’s why they can cry in really high octaves. So, if your child loves to sing, you’ll be doing him/her a favour by giving them proper lessons.

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3 Safe Tips for Choosing the Singing Lessons for Kids

1. Choosing the Instructor

singing lessons for kids - find a good instructor to your kid.Keep in mind that when you are selecting a vocal instructor, he/she should be a child expert. I’m saying this because, in our society, a belter is considered a good singer. If the instructor feels the same way, your kid’s voice may face some damage because of all the strain involved in that kind of singing. While a child’s voice is flexible, putting unnecessary strain on it may damage it permanently.

I would suggest choosing the instructor who will start out with soft melodies and make their way from there. It should be a slow marathon, instead of a full on sprint.

2. The Best Age for Higher Training

For every kid, it’s different. As parents, you will notice that their voice is beginning to change around 11 or 12-year mark. It’s when their voices are becoming more mature. That’s when they should undergo higher vocal training. If you put your kids in strictly vocal training courses before that age, you may end up hurting your kid’s voice.

3. General Tips for Parents

singing lessons for kids - be a good parent and develop a child's self-confidence.
As a parent, focus on developing child’s self-confidence.

For parents who are thinking of putting their kids in singing lessons or who have already gone and done it, these tips may help. They are not techniques; just some simple pointers if they want their kids to be healthy and confident singers.

  • Keep things fun. Your kids will probably not care about boring scales and notes. Start with simple songs. Let your kids sing what they want to sing. If you force them to sing something they don’t want to sing, they may lose interest. We all know how short kid’s attention span can be.
  • Keep your criticism strictly positive. For kids, it’s all about appreciation. If you tell them that their singing is bad, they will lose their self-confidence and eventually give up their singing. Even if you have some pointers for them, convey them in a very positive manner. Tell your kids how much you love their voice and their singing. Keep the compliments coming!
  • Create performance opportunities for your kids. It doesn’t have to be on big stage or anything. Just tell your kid to perform in front of the family and friends. You could even tell him/her to perform at a school event. Develop his/her confidence so that they grow up to be superstars!

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