Samsung UN32J5205 Cheap LED TV 32 Inch 1080p Review

The Samsung UN32J5205 is a compact 32-inch Smart TV with a superior 1080p LED backlit screen. It features a high-resolution picture with built-in Wi-fi to allow you to browse the web and access smart apps. It comes with DTS Premium Sound 5.1 for high-definition surround sound. Its Motion Rate 60 provides seamless motion for superb viewing. The eco sensor brilliantly adjusts screen brightness for energy efficiency. Its Anynet+ technology allows the remote control of up to 12 devices that are compatible with this Smart TV. It also comes with a USB port so you can access your personal media or make use of its screen mirroring feature to wirelessly broadcast media from any mobile device to the TV’s screen.

This Samsung model does not require much skill to set up. This relatively cheap 32 inch LED TV from Samsung is lightweight and stable with the feet hardly visible. The superb quality of this LED TV makes its price awesome! With the Samsung UN32J5205 you will be able to enjoy super viewing with twice the clarity of standard High Definition TVs.

This Smart TV comes with a thin edge and a plastic Y-shapes stand. It can be wall mounted with a standard VESA 200mm x 200mm.

Features and Specs of Samsung UN32J5205 

  • It is a Smart TV.
  • 1080p High Definition TV.
  • The screen measures 31.5” diagonally
  • It comes with a glossy screen, black bezel, and Silver Y-Feet stand
  • Has an effective refresh rate of 60CMR.
  • Features the LED Backlight Display Technology for high picture contrast.
  • Comes with DTS Premium Sound 5.1 for surround sound.
  • It has the Eco-Sensor for energy efficiency.
  • Comes with a built-in down-firing 10 watts x 2 speakers
  • It features Connect Share Movie to allow playing media from an external storage device.
  • Internet-ready with a built-in web browser.
  • It is loaded with a dual-core processor for seamless web browsing and app multitasking.
  • Comes with built-In WiFi for wireless connectivity.
  • Free downloadable apps for iOS® and Android™ allows the use of compatible smartphones or tablets to function as a remote control
  • Allows AllShareTM video and music streaming from a DLNA-compatible Windows PC.
  • It is equipped with 2 HDMI and 1 USB inputs.
  • Has a Connect Share Movie feature.
  • It has an MHL-compatible HDMI input for easy viewing of photos/videos on the TV screen from a compatible smartphone.
  • It is capable of screen mirroring (wirelessly send media from the TV to a compatible smartphone or tablet.
  • The tuner is capable of receiving over-the-air HDTV broadcasts (antenna required).
  • It is a QAM cable TV tuner (subscription required to receive cable channels).
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 29.2″ x 17.2″ x 3.1″, TV with stand: 29.2″ x 18.5″ x 5.7″

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Full HD resolution

The Samsung UN32J5205 comes with a 1080 pixels resolution.  Its resolution is double as that of a standard High Definition TV, thus it displays images with better picture color, sharpness, and clarity than a standard HD TV. It also displays lifelike images. Its 1080p resolution is sharp just like Blu-rays.

Resolution is one of the first things buyers of TV look into. This Samsung model will pass the test with flying colors. Although positioned as a budget Smart TV, its resolution is comparable to that of top Smart TV models. It is also worth noting that a medium-sized Smart TV is capable of having the same picture quality as that of the larger Smart TVs.

Wide Enhance Feature

Other than superb picture resolution, included in this Samsung Smart TV model are features that further bring out full color and brightness. The Wide Enhance feature of the Samsung UN32J5205 allows it to deliver enriched colors. You will be able to enjoy a wider spectrum of colors on your TV screen just as like the shows and movies were made to be. You will be able to enjoy enriched colors even with older shows and movies not made using High Definition. This is so because this feature automatically adjusts the color and brightness. Additionally, the LED Backlight technology allows the equal distribution of brightness with fair illumination.


The Samsung UN32J5205 features an Eco Sensor to help manage energy use. It allows the TV screen to operate as efficiently as possible. Eco sensors measure the level of light in the room and allow the screen’s brightness to adapt accordingly. This helps cut down energy consumption while enjoying a crystal-clear picture. The Eco-sensor functions to save energy consumption with the standard 27-watt power consumption and a standby power consumption of fewer than 0.4 watts.

Motion Rate 60

The faster the High Definition TV, the more frames it displays per second. The Samsung UN32J5205 has a motion rate of 60. A motion rate 60 TV can deliver clear moving picture to enhance your viewing experience.  A clear motion rate of 60 ensures quick and reliable refresh rate when viewing fast moving action movies and sports content. In addition to its refresh rate, this LED TV’s processing speed complimented by its backlighting technology feature also contributes to this LED TV’s having clear moving images for content that has fast action sequences.

Smart TV technology

The Smart TV Technology in the Samsung UN32J5205 allows you to have access to such content providers as Netflix and YouTube. You will also be able to connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to the television to enjoy watching shows wirelessly and share them. (Internet connection is required). Additionally, you will be able to have access to programs through live TV, video on demand, apps, and social media with easy browsing and navigation. It also allows you to plug in your favorite entertainment and media content into your TV (through USB connection) for watching videos, playing music or viewing photos.

This Smart TV allows you to use various apps available at the Samsung Apps store so you can access your favorite streaming and social media sites.  (Internet connection required and devices must be on the same network). There are Smart Apps built for the Samsung UN32J5205 so you can easily connect to the Internet. Choose the apps you like from the Apps store and install them on the main screen for apps you will be using the most.

Samsung has extended its expertise with Smartphone apps to expand the ability of its HDTVs to access a wide array of internet streaming channels and capabilities. Netflix, Vudu, Amazon or Hulu Plus is for online streaming; the freeAccuweather app displays a 10-day weather forecast for specific cities; FandangoNOW provides movie times and reviews with full-on video streaming offering access to more than 30,000 TV shows and movies (Internet connection required).

samsung un32j5205
Samsung UN32J5205 Cheap LED TV 32 Inch 1080p Reviews

The Samsung Smart View app

The Samsung Smart View app allows you to view content in your Samsung mobile phone and PC on your Samsung UN32J5205. With this app, you will also be able to control your Smart TV with your mobile phone through the Remote Control app. Additionally, you will be able to share your photos, music, and videos from your Samsung mobile phone to your Samsung Smart TV. You can also create a playlist right on your TV. Stored content on your PC can also be shared to your Smart TV. For a windows PC, just download the PC program from the Smart View menu.

Most Samsung apps for your Smart TV are free and some are not.  Create an account at the Samsung apps store and choose the apps you want to use with your Smart TV.

Wi-Fi and Browser

The Wi-Fi and Browser of the Samsung UN32J5205 allow you to wirelessly connect to the Internet. You will be able to browse the web from anywhere near your TV.

You can, therefore, use your TV to open any website, update your social media accounts, and view online content on your TV. (Internet connection required.)

Connect Share Movie

Play USB Media with ConnectShare Movie. The ConnectShare Movie feature of the Samsung UN32J5205 allows the easy playing of videos from any external storage device. You can also use this feature to access media directly from USB-enabled camcorder or camera, view photos from any external storage device (Internet connection is required).

Samsung Anynet+

The Samsung UN32J5205 comes with Anynet+.  Anynet+ allows Samsung devices to connect with each other with only 1 remote control. The other Samsung devices (e.g smartphone, tablet) also need to have the Anynet+ feature to make use of this feature. This is an excellent connectivity solution best for any home theater. With the Samsung Anynet+, you can use a maximum of 12 Samsung devices that are compatible with your Samsung LED TV with just one remote control. (HDMI-CES compatible devices required).

DTS Premium Sound 5.1

Good picture quality is not all there is to a superb viewing experience. It has to be complimented with an equally super sound. The Samsung UN32J5205 comes with the DTS Premium Sound 5.1 which allows HD surround sound for optimum audio performance. This feature provides crisp highs, resonant bass response, consistent volume levels and clear dialogue that makes you feel as though you are part of the ongoing action you are viewing. Excellent picture quality and good sound quality will give you a theater-like experience.

Screen Mirroring

This feature allows you to wirelessly view content from your Samsung mobile phone in your Samsung UN32J5205. Your mobile device and TV should be on the same network to use this feature.

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Technical Specifications

Screen Size (Diagonal)   32”

Panel Type                          LED LCD

Resolution                          1920 x 1080

Refresh Rate                      60 Hz

Sound                                   Stereo

Speaker Power                                 20 watts


HDMI Audio/Video IN (2)

RCA Composite Video IN/OUT (1)

Ethernet LAN In/Out (1)

RCA Component Video IN (1)

RCA Stereo (Left/Right) Audio IN

RF Antenna IN


RS-232 C Control (In/Out)

Built-In WiFi

Remote Control

VESA Wall Mount             200 x 200 mm

Dimensions                        29.2” x 17.2” x 3.1” (without stand)

29.2” x 18.5” x 5.7 (with stand)

Weight                                 8.5 pounds


User-Friendly Smart TV

The Samsung UN32J5205 Cheap LED TV 32 Inch 1080p is so easy to use. It is relatively easy to set up, too. When you hit the “Source button” a drop down menu appears at the top of the screen with icons for the options. If you need to adjust the volume an icon will appear on the side of the screen. Navigating the menu to choose the option needed is a breeze even for the non-techie person.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some troubleshooting tips when something seems not be going right with your Samsung UN32J5205 Cheap LED TV 32 Inch 1080p.

  1. Unable to connect to a network or app.
  • Check if there is a network.
  • With the remote control go to Menu, Network, and Network Status
  • If it says no connection, check if the Internet router is securely connected to the TV.
  • With the Internet properly connected but you are still unable to establish a connection, contact your Internet Service Provider.
  1. Distorted Picture or Sound with an external device.
  • Check if the external device is properly connected to the TV.
  • If the connection is okay, do a TV Self Diagnosis test. Go to the Menu, then Support, Self Diagnosis, and Sound or Picture test.
  1. Lost settings.
  • Revert to Home mode. Select Tools and change Store Demo to “Off.”
  1. Lost Signals
  • Go to “Source” on the remote control.
  • Run the Auto Program function and search for your channels.

Most of the minor issues of this LED TV can be easily resolved. More often, the TV simply needs a reset or a rest. Turn off the TV and unplug it. Plug it back and turn it on after 10 minutes. You can also try to access the on-screen manual and check on how to troubleshoot a particular issue.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To keep your Samsung UN32J5205 always looking new, regularly clean its screen and frame with a soft and lint-free dry cloth. Be careful when using cleaning liquids, wax or any other chemicals. Also, only use water on parts of the TV that the Manual says you can use it. There are a lot of cleaning products available in the market to clean TV screens.

To get rid of fingerprints and smudges on your TV screen, a screen cleaning solution is your best option.  It is easy to clean your TV set the right way:

  1. Unplug your LED TV set before you start cleaning.
  2. Start with the frame. Clean it using a soft and lint-free dry cloth.
  3. Wipe the screen of the LED TV with a soft and lint-free dry cloth.
  4. If the screen still has fingerprints or smudges, spray screen cleaning solution on the cloth. Avoid spraying the screen cleaning solution directly to your LED TV.
  5. Gently wipe off the cleaning solution. Be sure to wipe the screen as gently as possible. If you press too hard, you will damage the screen of your LED TV.
  6. Allow the screen to dry completely before plugging back the TV.

What’s in the Box 

  • 32” LED-LCD TV
  • AC Power adapter with attached 57” DC Cords
  • 5” AC power cord
  • 2 Pedestal feet
  • Remote Control
  • 2 Triple A batteries
  • 4 4mm x 12mm screws
  • 4 Wall Adaptors
  • Set-up Guide
  • Users’ Manual
  • Important Safety Precautions
Samsung UN32J5205 Cheap LED TV 32 Inch 1080p Reviews


You do not have to sacrifice picture quality or Internet features just because your budget only allows for a TV with a small screen. The Samsung UN32J5205 is comparable in performance to larger television sets packed in a 32” design. Its main selling point is its 1080p screen that provides maximum sharpness you will not miss any details in what you are viewing.


The Samsung UN32J5205 is a budget smart TV that provides good picture quality. However, for sports fans and gamers, it is a little bit too motion blur. Additionally, there are angles that color is not as good as it is from in front. This HD TV can be fragile because of its lightweight design.


The Samsung UN32J5205 comes with the standard 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

Samsung UN32J5205: The Verdict

For its price, the Samsung UN32J5205 is a 32–inch 1080p Smart LED TV that is an intelligent choice for a compact HDTV. This Samsung model features superb picture and sound quality and a lot more of awesome features. You do not need to sacrifice picture and sound quality as well as the Internet features of a Smart TV just because at 32” it is a relatively small TV. This Samsung model comes with the same performance and features as the larger TVs do all packed in a 32” TV.

If what you need is a medium-sized Smart TV loaded with the latest and best features in television technology, the Samsung UN32J5205 Cheap LED TV 32 Inch 1080p should be number 1 on your list.