Piano for Dummies – 4 Essential Tips

Have you ever looked at the piano and wondered how come so many different keys with each having its unique sound? The piano might sound very complex to play, but it is indeed simple and not as complicated as you think. The most important thing is to start learning from the right person and practicing daily. If you want to learn to play the piano very fast, we advise you to check Pianoforall; the best piano for dummies guide!

Piano for Dummies – 4 Tips Every Beginner Must Know!

1. Start From the Basics

In learning to play the piano, you should always start with the basics. Correct sitting posture, the notes on the piano, and the right finger position in holding the different keys both with the right and left hands. With a couple of exercises, you should be able to play scales with both hands comfortably. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t play a beginner piano song in a few days. Just practice, and you will be amazed how much songs you can play.

2. Create Time to Learn and Practice

In learning to play the piano, you have to devote time to practices. It is crucial in advancing. Practice, as it is always said, makes you perfect. It applies to learning the piano as a dummy.  Knowing how to play the piano is a worthwhile experience as you appreciate every bit of time you spend practicing. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself like you have always wanted and dreamed of. You feel good playing your favorite songs.

piano for dummies - play piano everyday.

Maybe you have always wanted to learn but keep on procrastinating. Well, now is the right time to start. If you keep on procrastinating, you will never be able to play. The professionals you admire playing the piano were once dummies. The reason they play very well is that they committed themselves to playing and giving their time and best in practicing. I know you are aware that the professionals still give time for exercising. How much more you who are still a dummy at learning how to play the piano.

3. Make the Move Today

Nothing is going to change unless you make a move. It is time for you to make that move and now is the best time to make a move. Check Pianoforall, as you will see drastic improvements every day of your learning and playing the piano. Always take the initiative with everything you do, so don’t be afraid to start learning piano today, from scratch. Many programs provide the piano for dummies lessons everyone can take.

4. Learn From the Right Source

Piano for dummies - find the right mentor or source for learning.
Find the right mentor or source for learning the new skill.

In learning how to play the piano, just like in learning other skills, you will not do very well or go very far if you are not taught or you don’t learn the basics very well. Although, some people are self-taught, but they are rare. The best way to learn to play the piano is by attending a music school. If you have a chance, we advise you to find a teacher. Other, easier and cheaper way is to learn it online. It is possible and many people are using this alternative. The Internet is the best source of information, so there is a plenty piano lessons and tutorials. For now, the best online piano source is Pianoforall – the piano for dummies complete guide.