Personalised Christmas Gifts Reviews: 10 Best Ideas

If you are bored of buying generic gifts or are getting crazy thinking of the perfect gift for Christmas, consider getting personalised Christmas gifts for family and friends. Having a Christmas gift personalised will show the recipient that you have given much thought into your choice.

Personalised gift ideas are often treasured forever by the recipient. Personalised Christmas gifts also show that you know the person very well and have taken the effort to find a gift that he will love and treasure. Whether you are looking for gifts for kids or grown-ups, personalised Christmas gifts will always make a perfect choice.

Check out these 10 Best Personalised Christmas Gifts:

1. Amazing Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

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The Amazing Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Ornament is one of best gift ideas every new Mom and Dad would greatly appreciate. Baby’s first footprints are embedded in the center of a 2 5/8 inch glass ornament. The baby’s name is also printed atop the baby’s footprints in a dainty script font and in white unless you specify that you want it in another color.  Footprints are available in the colors light pink, light blue, light yellow, light purple and light green. The ornament comes with a blue or pink satin ribbon. Printed at the back of the ornament is the baby’s date of birth. Baby’s footprints and names are in permanent adhesive vinyl.

2. Delicate Coordinate Bracelet Personalized Gift for Women

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The Delicate Coordinate Bracelet Personalized Gift for Women is a slim and delicate coordinate bracelet with a rectangular plate and an 8-inch chain with lobster claw clasp. The rectangular plate approximately measures 1 ½ inches. This Coordinate bracelet has a gold-plated base and comes in either gold-plated, rose gold-plated or silver-plated finishes. This is one of the best personalised Christmas gifts for her that you could ever think of.

Stamped on the rectangular plate of the Delicate Coordinate Personalized Bracelet is a significant time and place you would like your special someone to keep precious. You can choose from between having only one side or both sides of the plate stamped. The letterings on the rectangular plate are hand-stamped thus depth and alignment may vary between letters.

3. Personalized Daddy Pub Glass with Kids Birthdates

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This Personalized Daddy Pub Glass with Kids Birthdates is one of the best personalised Christmas gifts you can give your husband, Dad or Granpa. This clear glass has a top diameter of 3.4 inches, a bottom diameter of 2.4 inches, height of 5.75 inches and has a 16-ounce capacity.

The Personalized Daddy Pub Glass comes engraved with dad’s and kids’ birthdates. Birthdates are laser etched on the pub glass, so it will remain permanently etched no matter how many times it is placed in the dishwasher. The laser etched details will not rub off, peel or rub off.

4. Personalized Unique Christmas Gift! 3D Unique Personalized Print with Custom Lyrics or Text

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The Personalized Unique Christmas Gift! 3D Unique Personalized Print with Custom Lyrics or Text make great Christmas presents for your special someone. These personalised Christmas gifts are of high-quality 80-pound acid-free and archival canvas textured paper. The 5×7 sheet will be laid on an 8×10 white beveled mat backing making it ready for framing. High Definition Claria® ink will be used to print the lyrics or text. Lyric or text is in dark gray and is printed on white canvas textured cardstock.

Laid on top of the lyrics or text is a silhouette of a black tree branch with two heart tags with you can have printed with either initials, names, important dates or anything you wish. The default design of this Personalized Unique Christmas Gift has the lyrics to “All I Want Is You” from the movie Juno. To further personalize this Christmas gift you can opt to use any lyrics or text. You can choose the color of your heart tags as well as the color of the twine.

5. Personalized CUSTOM Cotton Stretch Headband with Embroidered text

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Your daughter will love this Personalized CUSTOM Cotton Stretch Headband with Embroidered text. Embroidered text could be your daughter’s name or a tagline that she loves. Embroidery options are in numbers 0-9, letters A-Z and “! #, $ and &” special characters. This black headband can accommodate up to 10 characters. Embroidery threads are available in a variety of colors. This stretch cotton headband is 2.5 inches wide. This is one of the best personalized holiday gifts you can give to your daughter or any female friend.

6. Daddy’s Girl Personalized Decorative Ceramic Tile

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Daddy’s Girl Personalized Decorative Ceramic Tile comes with vinyl letterings of “The Only Man a Girl Can Always Be Sure Will Never Leave Her Side is Her – DAD- Forever & Always a Daddy’s Girl.” You can have your Dad’s name printed on the tile, too.  You also have the option to have a hanger attached to the tile so your Dad can hang it on his wall. The tile is approximately 6 inches by 6 inches.

Whether you are a daddy’s girl or not, you will surely make your Dad’s heart melt when he sees this Daddy’s Girl Personalized Decorative Ceramic Tile. This is truly one of the best Christmas gift ideas for your Dad. Indeed, Dad is the only man that will never leave your side!

7. Lovebirds Personalized Heart Tree Trunk

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This Lovebirds Personalized Heart Tree Trunk designed product is an exceptional Adler Wood Christmas Ornament and is one of the great gift ideas you could give to the newlyweds. This round wooden Christmas ornament comes with a wooden trunk with two lovebirds design. Laser engraved below are the names of the newlyweds and the date of their wedding. This ornament comes with a red ribbon so it can easily be hung on the Christmas tree and is packed in a stunning organza bag.

8. 3D Constellation Leo Portable Speaker

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One of the best unique gifts for him, this 3D Constellation Leo Portable Speaker comes with a K9 crystal speaker, audio cable, and USB cable. It also comes engraved with a 3D design of Constellation of Leo Pattern (the rest of the Constellations Patterns are also available). State of the art carving technology creates the amazing 3D effect of the constellation pattern.

To personalize this gift you can have the name and date of the recipient (up to 20 characters) engraved at the bottom of the crystal. Colorful LED lights in gradient red, yellow, blue and green sparkle when music plays. The 3D Constellation of Leo Portable Speaker has a total measurement of 50mm x 50mm x 125mm with the crystal that encloses the 3D Constellation of Leo measures 50mm x 50mm x 70mm.

9. Delicate Initials Heart Necklace with Three Charms

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The Delicate Initials Heart Necklace with Three Charms is a charm and chain set with lobster claw clasp. This Heart necklace can either be gold plated, rose gold plated or silver plated. Personalized this necklace with your initials and that of your special someone and add on a heart charm in the middle. The letter charms are about ¼ inches in wide.

This is the probably one of the best personalised Christmas gifts you can give to your special woman. A necklace with the initials of the both of you with a heart charm which she will be wearing close to her heart every day.

10. Personalized Owl Pillowcase for Kids

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The Personalized Owl Pillowcase for Kids is made of ultra-soft microfiber. Microfiber feels like soft cotton but has moisture wicking properties which will keep you cool the entire night. This pillowcase is also wrinkle resistant, highly resistant to dust, mites, and stains, hypoallergenic and is extremely durable.

The Personalized Owl Pillowcase for Kids is of the standard 20 x 30 size which fits into a 20 x 26 pillow size. The pillowcase opening is on the right side. The owl design of printed on the pillowcase features a pink owl hanging on a tree branch. To personalize these personalised Christmas gifts, you can have the child’s name printed below the owl.

personalised christmas gifts
Best Personalised Christmas Gifts

Any Christmas gift you choose for your family, friends, and loved ones is already special. Personalising a Christmas gift adds more value and meaning to it. Recipients of a personalised Christmas gift feel special. Perhaps the most important reason why a personalised Christmas gift is very much appreciated is because the recipient knows that the gift-giver planned and took the time and effort to have the Christmas gift personalised. In short, a personalised Christmas gift is a well-thought-out gift.