How to Prepare a Paleo Salad Dressing

Normally when you order a salad or make one for your use, the primary goal and motivation is to be healthy right? Otherwise, you would just order a pizza or chicken and chips for the day. However, almost all of the dressing used to top your salad is utterly horrible for your well-being. Pre-made or Store Bought dressings include a myriad of inferior ingredients like chemical preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, etc. These things are destructive to your wellbeing and add nothing valuable to your health. All the times that you thought you were healthy by eating lots of salad, you were feeding yourself chemicals and toxins. The paleo salad dressing eliminates unhealthy foods and chemicals from your salad just as how the paleo diet encourages eliminating these processed foods and chemicals from your diet. That means no fast food and pre-made foods.

You would be surprised at all the goodness that you can create without all this junk. If you are genuinely interested in eating and living healthy, the Paleohacks Cookbooks explains steps to make your food, dressings and sauces. Once you try paleo diet foods made out of simple whole ingredients, you won’t want to return to store bought ones ever again. Below are some simple but awesome paleo salad dressing that’ll leave you asking for more!

Healthy and Natural Paleo Salad Dressing Recipes:

Tangerine Lime Balsamic Dressing

paleo salad dressing for healthy life.

-1 tsp balsamic vinegar

-1 tbsp olive oil

-Juice of half a lime

-Juice of half a tangerine

Mix up the materials for the paleo salad dressing. Use a medium sized spoon to whisk them well, so that the Olive oil and the juices mix properly and the dressing gets a bit thicker. You can also put in nuts, olives and tomatoes with the salad leaves and add the dressing. Simple but scrumptious.

Homemade Honey Mustard Dressing

-Lemon juice from once fresh squeezed lemon

-one cup of olive oil

-tablespoon of dijon mustard

-garlic cloves

-Pepper and Salt

-2 tablespoons of honey

Only simple ingredients produce a great paleo salad dressing. Cut the garlic clove and put it in a dish aside from the oil. Mix everything until it’s blended well. After that, little by little pour in the olive oil with all of those other elements while stirring. Mix everything until combined well.

easy paleo salad dressing
By adding a paleo salad dressing to your favourite salad you improve the overall quality of the salad.

Now you can perfect your salad with your homemade paleo salad dressing. These recipes are just a few of the many ways the paleo diet can help you with living a wholesome life. Allow paleo diet plan helps you decide to go natural and feel great.

For more paleo salad recipes, we advise you to check the Paleohacks Cookbook. You can find hundred of paleo recipes there.