Obedience Training for Puppies: Tips and Advice

Did you buy a new puppy? Choose a puppy from a shelter? Did someone give a puppy to you? It is your first puppy, and you don`t know what to do? Don`t desperate! Owning a dog should be a fun and great experience after all a dog is your best friend! So, read the following tips and advice on Obedience Training for Puppies to know what to do.

Tips And Advice On Obedience Training For Puppies

#1 Tip – Create a routine

Dog TrainingIf you create a daily routine and feed your doggy, walk your little dog and play with your doggy at the same hours every day, your puppy will know what to expect and how to behave. Surely, it will make you less stressed. You may need to adjust the routine schedule, to satisfy your puppy`s needs.

#2 Tip – Teach your doggy to recognize his name

Whenever your little puppy is happy, call him by his name. He may take a while to go to you. Be patient. When he finally does, show your appreciation by showing or expressing your love to the little dog. With patience and love, your doggy will quickly learn how to recognize his name. This will be the first thing that your puppy needs to learn, to be able to pay attention to you. After that, you may teach your puppy how to sit, stand still, be quiet, give his paw and many other tricks.

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#3 Tip – Reward your doggy for good behavior

If you reward your dog with treats, sweet words, and care, your doggy is more efficient day by day. In fact, positive reinforcement will bring in quick results. For example, when your puppy urinates in the right place give him a treat. Soon your puppy will learn where to urinate, and chances of accidents will be lesser. This is an excellent Obedience Training for Puppies.

#4 Tip – Be consistent

You can`t one day reward your little dog for a behavior and the next day get mad at your dog for doing the same thing. You should be consistent if you want that your puppy obeys to you, or else your puppy will just be confused and starts ignoring you. Just stick to the plan and try the same thing every day to make habits for your puppy.

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#5 Tip – Say NO or ignore your dog

Whenever your doggy is doing something that you don`t want him to do, say no to him with a firm voice instead of punishing your doggy physically. Punishing your doggy physically may make your doggy change his behavior, but you will have his fear, not his respect. Your dog is your friend, so you must treat him nicely! For example, when your doggy chews your slippers, say NO firmly and give your doggy his toy. If he plays with his toy, praise him for that. This is an effective obedience training for puppies.

Understand your dogSometimes as an alternative of saying no, you can just ignore your doggy. If your doggy does his stools in your house floor, just ignore him and clean that place well with enzymatic cleaners.

These are very useful, yet simple tips on obedience training for puppies. So, make sure you do follow these tips. If you want to train your puppy much more, there can be a better place online than the professional dog trainer Doggy Dan‘s website.