Music Production Tips: 7 Ways To Improve Your Music Production

You have fully set up your home recording studio and have started making some music. But you haven’t reached that perfect point you would like to reach. Don’t worry, just a few basic changes can enable you to improve your music production. Following are a few music production tips to help you improve your music production.

1. Parallel Compression or Motown Compression

Efficient use of compression is a very easy thing once you have mastered the basics and their effects on your signals. In fact, it is the easiest way to give some professional touch to your drum punches. Drum punches are used in almost every genre of music these days, and with parallel compression, that can be achieved effortlessly. Simply, get a track and duplicate it, then compress the duplicate heavily without compressing the original. When you play both tracks, you will get the powerful dynamic sound of the compressed one while the quality of the one that is not compressed remains.

Useful Music Production Tips And Techniques

2. Sidechain Compression

Sidechain compression is done by compressing to different signals. It is easily noticeable in dance or electronic music. There is a breathing, pump-like sound that comes with each drum punch. Sidechaining adds more groove to a song. The more effects you can add to the elements of your track, the more awesome your records will be. So, make use of sidechain compression. 

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3. Know The Correct Use of Reverb

 On a general note, when you are just starting a project, two or three reverb are often as send effects, that is, FX Channels and Aux channels in other places. As you then create and mix, direct some of your separate tracks to somewhere else entirely. It is important to take reverb out of one sound so as to provide a clue about where the mix’s front is. You can employ reverb plugins as inserts on your channels.

4. Make Sure Your Speakers Are Placed Correctly

One of the major music production tips you must know is the way to place your speaker.  It does not matter how much your sound gear costs if you don’t know how to set up your gears. Don’t place your speakers close to corners and walls. Also, make sure there is an equal distance between you and where your right and left speakers are. 

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5. Don’t Put Too Many Elements On A Track

You can have a lot of ideas running in your head. But you don’t have to put every one of them into just one track. Pick out the best ones and just let things flow. This is one of the most basic music production tips for beginners. Just make your music nice and simple.

6. Dynamics and Variation

Know when to go high and go low. Moreover, find out when to speed things up and slow them down. Dynamics and variations will help you keep your audience interested.

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7. Compare and Contrast 

One of the must-know music production tips is having the ability to compare how your music sounds with your favorite musicians constantly. In fact, this is an excellent way to ascertain how well you are doing and it also helps you set a goal for where exactly you are going with your music production.

Produce Professional Quality Music In Your Home Recording Studio

These are some useful ways to improve your music production. If you want to vastly improve your standard and quality of music, consider having BTV Solo Music Production Software. It’s a great tool to make professional standard music. So, check it out.