Most Common HR Interview Questions With Answers

If you have completed your bachelors and masters in Human Resource Management, you must be looking for an HR related job. Even if your background is not in HR management, you may apply for an HR manager post. In that case, you need to prove your knowledge, skills, and knowledge that can help you do a great job in the position. The key will surely be your answers to common hr interview questions.  Here I present you with some of the most common hr interview questions with possible right answers.

Common HR Interview Questions With Answers

When answering an HR question, make sure to keep answers as brief as possible and go straight to the point. If you find the questions difficult to answer, just stay calm. Maintain your confidence and answer them as well as you can. The responses below are just suggestions to HR interview questions. So you have to personalize your responses.

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Question #1 Tell Us About Yourself.

Possible Answer: you have to point out your major attributes and keep them in mind so that you don’t forget them. You should mention your name, describe qualifications, your career history and your range of skills. Emphasize on the relevant skills that will be of great benefit to the position.

Question #2 What Are Your Achievements To Date?

Possible Answer: point out an achievement relating to work and make sure to use a recent one. Talk of the skill which helped you in achieving it and the benefit to the company you were working. Example, (designing and implementing a new sales ledger system, introducing it ahead of scheduled time and improving the debtor’s stand significantly, which saved the organization over $80,000 a month of interest has to be my greatest achievement). If you are a fresh candidate with no job experience, you should mention one of your university achievements be it academic or non-academic. Perhaps, the best one will be an instance where you successfully managed a group of individuals.

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Question #3 Are you happy with your career till date?

Possible Answer: This question is entirely about your self-esteem, how confident you are about yourself and your career aspirations. So, your answers must be a YES, and back it up with an explanation of what makes you so happy with you career. If you hit a career plateau, or you have a believe you are moving at a slow passé, then you have to qualify your answer.

Hr interview questions with answersQuestion #3 What is the most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you handle it?

Possible Answer: The reason for this particular HR interview question is to know what your definition of the word difficult is and wondering if you have a logical problem-solving approach. To put yourself in an active position, you have to pick a terrible work situation which was totally not your cause and can be easily explained in just a few sentences. Give a précised definition of the problem, the available options, the reason you picked the one that was used and what was the outcome of your decision. And be sure always to end on a positive side.

Question #4 What is it about your present job that you don’t like?

Possible Answer: This one might not be as common as most other hr interview questions mentioned here. With this question, all you just need to do is to ensure that the things you like go alongside the skills which are required for the job, it is as simple as that. You also have to be very enthusiastic, you have to give an interesting and diverse view about the job, but you have to be sure not to overdo it. After all, you do want to leave the job so overdoing it might paint a different picture. Don’t mention anything that shows your weaknesses. Just mention the ones that relate to your current organization.

One of the best approaches to this question is to pick a characteristic of the present company. Paint yourself as a person who takes problems and frustrations of the job as part of the job. If you are a smart person, this can be one of the easiest hr interview questions to answer.

Question #5 What are your strengths?

Possible Answer: you should know that there is no escaping this HR interview question. So, you don’t have any reason not to come fully prepared for the question. You have to focus on your important strengths. Make sure to point out three to four proficiencies such as your firm determination to succeed, your ability to relate with people and attain a common objective, your ability to learn fast, and your positive attitude. Don’t a mess by mentioning all the positive things about you. It may sound like you are making them up.

Question #6 What is your greatest weakness?

Possible Answer: never say you do not have any weaknesses in response to this question, it would only lead you more problems. There are two options to this; you can make use of a professed weakness just like a lack of experience “and inability” on your part in a particular area which is less vital to the job.

Or, you can go ahead to discuss a personal or professional weakness which in fact is a strength. You make use of something like this (my team at the same time have the belief that I am too demanding, that I at times tend to drive them too hard, but I am getting better using the carrot and not the stick). Never mention more than one weakness. Thus, this is one of the most common hr interview questions.

Question #7 Why do you want to leave your current employer?

Possible Answer:  You can simply describe how you are in search of new challenges, and greater responsibility. Never get negative at your response of leaving it might just paint a bad picture of you. It is never appropriate to cite salary as the primary reason for leaving. It is something implied and not necessary to mention.

Question #8 Why have you applied for this particular job?

Possible Answer: now this is a very important question which must be answered carefully. Because this is where the employer will get to know if the job suits you. Go with your general aptitudes, go along with your long term goal and if you enjoy doing the things you do. So, you have to be sure to have a good understanding of the company. You must understand the role and discuss the characteristics of the position which has interested you.

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Prepare yourself well to answer why you are the right fit for the job

You also have to be very careful answering the question. Don’t over stress your point because that might just make you look very desperate. Study all these tricks, and you will have no problems with your HR interview.

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