Learn to Play Keyboard – 5 Basic Tips

If you want to learn how to play the keyboard but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. You can do it by following the simple tips that will be mentioned in this article. If you want to learn to play keyboard in a unique and exciting way, check out Pianoforall. Just like its name, it can teach keyboard/piano to anyone wanting to play.

Learning to play the keyboard is the first step that you can take to build a strong music foundation. That opens the way to learning more instruments in the future. The tips mentioned below are suitable for all ages, children and adults alike.

Learn to Play Keyboard Using 5 Crucial Tips

1. Buy a Proper Piano Bench

learn to play keyboard - buy a proper piano bench first!
Buy a proper piano bench first! It will make a learning process easier and funnier.

If you want to get to play the piano properly, you need purchase a piano bench. If you don’t, you will not have the proper posture required for playing the keyboard. As a result, you’ll suffer from muscle aches and stress. It’s best if you choose a bench instead of a chair.

2. Position Yourself Correctly

Sit on the front half of the bench so that you can move more freely. Your feet should be flat on the ground while only a small portion of your knee is right underneath the keyboard. That is the perfect distance. It may seem foreign at first, but as you continue practising this, it’ll become second nature.

3. The Position of Your Hands and Arms

tips to learn to play keyboardYour hands and arms play the key role in how you play the keyboard. Let your arms hang on your sides. You’ll notice that your hands will form a relaxed C shape. Maintain that shape when playing the keyboard. If you are not playing the notes that are right in front of, lean into the direct of the notes. This way, you can prevent twisting your wrists. Your chance of getting the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will be much less.

4. Body Posture

Keep your back and shoulders straight. When beginning to play, lift your shoulders up to your ears and then let them fall. Keep them relaxed so that you don’t suffer muscle strain. Learning to relax is the best thing you can do if your want to make great music with your piano.

Also, your elbows should be at the same level as the keyboard. Your position should be at the centre of the keyboard in front of notes E, F or above middle C.

5. Play with the Pads of Your Fingers

It may feel a little strange at first but always play the piano with the pads of your fingers. This way you’ll be more in control of the pressure you apply on the keys. So, while playing with the very tips of your fingers may seem natural, choose the other option if you want to be an excellent pianist.

learn to play keyboard
Learn to play keyboard fast with these 5 easy tips.

In the end, if you want to have fun while learning boring chords and notes, try out Pianoforall. That is a very straightforward program if you want to learn to play keyboard fast.