3 Affiliate Marketing Examples to Learn From

Affiliate marketing examples are there for you to give an idea about how to do affiliate marketing successfully. If you think that writing sugar coated reviews heavily so that people buy your affiliate products, think again. With that approach, your website will be among the ones who disappear after some time without any sign. So, if you don’t want that to happen with your website, read on. You can check out Affilorama as they have a whole lesson that covers affiliate marketing examples thoroughly.

We’ve also compiled a list of 3 affiliate marketing examples for you so that you know how to go about this business. These are all real life examples and will teach you some tactics you can use in your affiliate marketing.

3 Best Affiliate Marketing Examples to Learn From:

1. Photography Tips

photography tips is one of the best affiliate marketing examplesThis website writes an excellent blog about photography that interests the people in this niche, and they also provide reviews of different good products. Those products are usually equipment used in photography for better results.

The guys at Photography Tips make tons of money and all because they have a strategy they could follow. The man, Chris Guthrie, who thought of making a website in photography niche brought in his friend who is a professional photographer and that provides all the content and reviews that go over to the blog. In the meantime, Chris handles all the business and marketing side of things of the website.

This way, they run a quality site which is passionate about its niche and also provides excellent products to choose from. You can see how this website will attract a lot of photography related traffic, right?

2. Treadmill Reviews

Affiliate marketing examples - reviewing different types of treadmills.This idea for an affiliate marketing site is a great one. Why? It’s because treadmills are expensive and the affiliate commission is bound to be pretty high too. Also, people who want to buy a treadmill will usually look for online reviews for good ones and then compare them together.


So this website provides all of that info which helps people make their minds about which treadmill will best suit their needs. Their mind is so much made up that if they see a purchase link that can get the deal done, they will jump at the chance.

This website provides detailed information and comparison for people about products and then tells them where to buy them. That’s how it makes a lot of money.

3. Nettle Tea HQ

You might think that this is not a niche that can get much profit and you are right. Unlike the other two examples, this is not a success story. What this guy did is think that he could make a lot of profit by selling tea via affiliate marketing. He spent around $700 on building the website up and creating quality content. He invested 100s of hours in it. But since this is a product that is not very popular, this site was bound to be a failure.

This website teaches that your keyword may rank high in Google, but you still have to be smart about the niche you choose for affiliate marketing. Otherwise, you won’t get very far.

Affiliate marketing examples - success won't come overnight.
Success won’t come overnight. Follow these affiliate marketing examples and start earning a passive income.

If you want more examples to learn from, check out Affilorama website for detailed analysis of different affiliate marketing sites.