What Are The Laser Acne Treatment Side Effects? Is There Any?

With the advent of technology, laser acne treatments are growing in popularity and are always developing and growing in number. Though it’s expensive, it remains the best acne treatment with the help of technology.  Having an understanding of laser acne treatment side effects is helpful before you go for it.

 About Laser Acne Treatment

Acne laser treatment is an effective way to get rid of severe acne. Since this is a medical procedure, one of the questions should be about the side effects of it. Although there are side effects with any medical procedure, the laser treatment for acne is very safe. It has a slight risk of complications, and these are very mild and do not require further medical procedures. In fact, there are only two complications with laser acne treatment.

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How Laser Acne Treatment Works

The acne laser treatment process differs according to the personal preferences of the different individuals. One of the methods of laser treatment is using a combination of radio waves and light rays. This process involves the hardening of the skin by the heat of the radio waves and the destruction of bacteria in the skin by the rays of light to eliminate acne lesions.

Major Laser Acne Treatment Side Effects

Skin Discoloration: To reduce the risk of skin discoloration, choose an experienced doctor. If you have dark skin, try to find a doctor who has experience in treating people with darker skin. If your skin becomes discolored after treatment, avoid exposure to the sun, as this may aggravate the situation. Overall, skin discoloration is one of the two laser acne treatment side effects found after the treatment. But it is not that common. 

Folliculitis: The second side effect of acne laser treatment is folliculitis, which is inflammation of the hair follicles. It may look like acne, but it should slowly disappear within a few months after the laser acne treatment. Folliculitis happens due to the lasers that reduce the size of the sebaceous glands that irritate the hair follicles. Although it can be bothersome and take a few weeks or months to go away, this complication does not require medical attention and is not permanent.

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Above all, to further reduce the risk of side effects or complications is to choose a trusted doctor. Do not rely on your skin for the dermatologist that offers the lowest price; Choose quality over quantity. Some clinics allow individuals who are not certified dermatologists to carry out laser acne treatments, but you have to choose a licensed professional for the treatment of the skin. Lasers are powerful, and one should not rely on professionals who have been trained to use them properly.


Laser acne treatment is very safe, with no side effect other than inflammation and skin discoloration. This procedure has one of the lowest rates of complications. In fact, it is often used as an alternative to the acne medication Accutane, which can cause congenital disabilities, miscarriage, liver complications, and depression. Meanwhile, laser acne treatment is a safe and effective way to treat your stubborn acne. Know you know Laser Acne Treatment Side Effects and also know those are nothing major to make you worry about it.

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