Ideal Image Fillers: Juvéderm® Restylane® & Voluma®

Injectable fillers plump up the lips and cheeks, restoring the youthful appearance that has gradually faded with age. Juvéderm® is also used to add volume and definition to naturally thin lips, making you feel better about the image looking back at you from the mirror. Who doesn’t want a more energetic, youthful image with fewer wrinkles that boosts confidence every time you see that reflection?

This Ideal Image Reviews is from client Sarah Taylor, discussing her experience with the Ideal Image King of Prussia location.

“The staff at ideal image KOP is wonderful! Their services are life changing. I suffered from sun and age spots and the BBL changed my life. My skin is so youthful now and it GLOWS; so worth every penny!!! The girls are also amazing with Botox and filler, so much more gentle than my plastic surgeon and the price was way more reasonable. Can’t say enough positive things!”

People who have deeper facial wrinkles but aren’t ready for a surgical facelift choose Restylane® Lyft. This option is another non-invasive procedure that diminishes facial wrinkles and may be used to reshape your lips and restore volume to your overall appearance. Best of all, it starts working immediately, helping you look and feel your best.

As people age, there is a natural decline in hyaluronic acid that gives your skin firmness, resulting in the appearance of fine lines and gradually deepening facial wrinkles. The good news is, you don’t have to live with those wrinkles anymore! With Voluma® filler injections, you can restore the fullness to your cheeks. Who says we cannot turn back the hands of time?

What Ideal Image Clients Say About Their Experience

Testimonials and positive Ideal Image Reviews talk about how happy clients were with treatment outcomes. But, there is also a personal connection with the nurses and staff that instills confidence and trust. One client wrote:

“I am so extremely happy with my experience here! . . . All of the ladies at their office were so welcoming and really made me feel related. I am super glad I went here instead of anywhere else.”

A client from Nashville offered this review of her clinical experience:

“They were so friendly, helping me feel less nervous just by taking the time to talk to me and make me laugh. The nurses are absolutely amazing. They made sure I understood exactly what was being done each step of the way so there was no anxiety and it was painless!”

If you’re ready to look and feel your very best, learn more about Botox® and other non-surgical injectable fillers. Ideal Image Reviews suggest this brand is a great place to start your research.