How to Save Your Gut Health This Holiday Season?

Tis the season to be jolly but to overindulge in food as well. Even though you have a break from work doesn’t mean that your gut is on holiday too. Rules of healthy gut and lifestyle should be applied all year round regardless of the holidays. But don’t start stressing over it too much. You can still enjoy the festive feasts while at the same time taking proper care of your digestive tract. Well, you honestly shouldn’t forget about that little thing called self-control but some small changes in your eating habits can create room for a bit more meals as well. Here are some helpful tips on how to save your gut health this holiday season:

Make Your Own Snacks

No one says that you absolutely cannot munch on those holiday cookies in between your meals, but you should be aware that no health benefits will come out of this if you never have anything else to satisfy your hunger. During the holiday season you’ll probably attend a lot of parties and even hold some of them yourself, so make sure to prep your gut properly. Don’t forget to munch on fiber snacks from time to time and especially before a big feast. Nuts, fruits, and veggies that are rich in fiber will do their magic with gut flora so that you can cut yourself some slack afterward.

Add Yogurt and Probiotic Powder

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so try to make it count during the holidays. Yogurt is a natural probiotic, and it will help calm down your gut after and before some big feast. Therefore, it would be wise to consume it with the rest of your breakfast. To spice things up a little bit, you can make healthy green smoothies for breakfast as well. Make them the way you’re used to but don’t forget to add some probiotic powder into the mixture. You’ll feel its benefits soon enough.

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Exercise Can Help

Again, your fitness skills and weight don’t take a break over the holidays. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t neglect your exercise routine as soon as everything gets more festive. Even if you opt for some home workouts, your energy levels will rise, and you’ll burn calories more effectively. But that’s not the only benefit there is to exercising. Regular physical activity can also change your gut bacteria and make it a lot more useful and friendlier.

Careful With Alcohol

Nothing can cause uncomfortable gut problems as much as alcohol can. So, if you want to enjoy your holiday parties to the fullest make sure to control your alcohol intake. Drink slowly and make sure not to go over your personal limit in regards to alcohol. Also, it would be wise to dilute your alcoholic beverages with other liquids. Soda water goes perfectly fine with your wine while you can even make some interesting cocktails with natural fruit juices.

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Stop Stressing

The fact that your body is not on a break during the holiday season is constantly mentioned in regards to you enjoying your holidays, but what if you’re mentally still overworked and stressed out? Constant worrying can mess with your proper gut functions and cause you some physical issues as well. It’s not always the overeating that causes problems. Sometimes, the state of your mind will be enough to influence gut issues and sometimes bacteria-induced h-pylori symptoms can prevent you from enjoying the festivities even more. So, if you can’t blame your lifestyle for constant gut discomfort, it would be wise to seek medical help and advice.

Take Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements can help you throughout the year, but they are especially helpful during the holiday season. These do not have any negative implications for your health so if you know that you’re going to eat and drink a lot at a certain party, don’t forget to take a probiotic supplement when you get back home. It will regulate your digestive tract efficiently and provide you with a good night of sleep – pain, bloating and heartburn free. Still, don’t treat probiotic supplements as magic pills. If you allow yourself to overeat and get drunk, no supplement will be able to repair the damage you caused.

The key to a healthy gut and general well-being is the same regardless of the time of the year. Try to keep things balanced. No one will force you to eat more than you should or drink till you drop. It’s all about your perception of what’s moderate and acceptable for you. What’s more, you won’t be attending parties all day long all the time.  Make sure to use your own cooking time to make meals that are rich in fiber and friendly gut bacteria, drink a lot of water and tea, and exercise regularly so that you can have your peace of mind when the time for partying and festivities comes.

Roxana Oliver contributed this article.