How To Quit Smoking Weed For Good

If you are addicted to weed, you already know how difficult it is to quit smoking weed. Your addiction to marijuana may already have taken over your life, and you may have no control over yourself. You may already have lost many of your good friends and left with only the ones who smoke weed. You may have been facing lots of social problems as well. It may be destroying your life. That’s why you need to know how to quit smoking weed.

The problem is almost everybody who tries to stop smoking weed can stop it for a while and resumes smoking it after a couple of days, weeks or months. So, quitting tobacco for a short time is not going to help accomplish your goal. That’s why you need to pledge to yourself to give up your habit before learning how to quit smoking weed for good.

How to stop smoking weed
How to stop smoking weed? Learn the tips and cut it off.

More than anything else, your commitment to yourself about quitting weed will bring you the result as it will make you take every strategy or tip regarding how to quit smoking weed very seriously. You must understand-

“If you don’t want to help yourself, nobody can help you.”

There is no exact formula that you can use to quit smoking weed. But some strategies and steps can help you. For professional assistance, we recommend Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide. While some strategies work for many people but not for all. Here are some useful strategies you can apply in your life to stop smoking weed:

How to Quit Smoking Weed In Easy Ways 9 Tips:

1. Get Rid Of Weed You Have And Things That Reminds You of Smoking Weed

The first thing you should do after deciding that you want to quit smoking weed is throwing away your current stock of grass. Then you need to get rid of the things like lighters, matches, marijuana containers, bongs, roach clips and other things that may remind you your addiction to weed. If you have any before or after weed smoking habits, you should try and change that as well. Say, for example; you always play a particular video game after smoking pot. If there is any place where you go and smoke weed, make sure you don’t go to that location unless the place is your home, or school or any other unavoidable place. If you are someone interested to know How To Quit Smoking Weed, you can’t avoid this strategy.

2. Avoid Or Get Rid of Friends Who Smoke Weed

This is one of the most important steps on your journey to quitting weed. If you keep friends who smoke weed, they will make you smoke weed in some way or other. Similarly, try and find some friends who can help you in regards to quitting weed.

Support System
Most teenagers wonder how to quit smoking weed

3. Have A Strong Support System

You need help from people around you. So, you need to communicate with your family members, friends about your decision to quit smoking weed. You should find that your trusted friends and family members will be available to support in any and every possible way.

4. Have One Or More Healthier Habits

 Quitting or changing any habit requires replacing that habit with another one. That new habit can be anything but make sure you don’t replace smoking weed with something worse such as Alcohol, cigarettes, or any other harder drugs. One excellent thing to do is going to gym regularly and working hard for your fitness. Some other alternatives can be walking a long distance, swimming, talking to friends over the phone, and cooking.

5. Don’t Try Getting Results Overnight

Quitting weed or any addiction takes time. So, you need to understand it’s a gradual process. If you try quitting now and don’t want to touch weed even once in your life again, that’s not possible. Be practical and plan for a gradual process.

How To Quit Smoking WeedHow To Quit Smoking Weed? Hard, but possible.

6. Prepare for Withdrawal

The decrease of appetite, sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability, and increased body temperature are some immediate effects of marijuana withdrawal. It starts after the first day. But the good news is it does not last long. In just 2 or three days, it hits its peak. If you can pass that period, you should be okay. In fact, in just 1 or 2 weeks, these effects will disappear. So, make sure you prepare well for this period and always remember your commitment of quitting weed to yourself.

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7. Have a daily routine and stick to it

If you have a 24-hour routine, you won’t have a free time to think about smoking weed. So, make sure you plan ahead for every day and stick to your routine. Be more organized in every possible way. Most importantly, always be busy with some work.

8. Don’t try it for a single time again once you successfully quit it

 At some stage, you may think you have enough control over your life. You may feel smoking weed for a single time after six months or a year won’t make you addicted to it. But the reality is it does not work that way. So, the idea is to stick to your commitment for rest of your life. To keep your promise, you should keep away from your friends who still smoke weed.Consult Professionals to learn how to quit smoking weed

9. Consult a professional

These days; some experts are helping thousands of addicted people to quit their addiction. You can ask professionals if you are finding it difficult to quit smoking weed. Experts can help you learn how to stop smoking weed. If you regularly go to a professional and describe your progress or problems in quitting weed, he or she will give you a proper guideline to keep you on the track. If you simply ask “How To Quit Smoking Weed?”, the best answer is to consult a professional right away.

If you search online for the term “how to quit smoking weed,” you will find more or less the same information. So, more than learning how to quit smoking weed, you need to apply the strategies in your life. If you would like to know the professional guide we recommend Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide which is extremely helpful.