How to Make Your Ex Want You Back?

You and your ex broke up for some reason, and you miss your ex and want your ex back. No one wants to go back to a desperate person. Either it was your fault or not, you need to make a few changes or do things to make sure you get your ex back. So, you need to read the following five tips about how to make your ex want you back to make sure you don`t make the typical mistakes.

#1 Tip – Don`t Beg

How to make your ex want you back? Don`t beg for your ex to come back! Begging will only make you look pathetic and will have the opposite effect. Think about it. If you were in your ex’s place and someone that you didn`t desire anymore was begging to make you come back. Did this make you desire to do that? No, certainly not! Begging will also affect your self-esteem when the other person denies your requests and having a low self-esteem don`t usually attract other individuals. So, wait and look for other options than just sacrificing your personality.

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#2 Tip – Don`t Keep Sending Messages or Phoning to Your Ex

Sending a lot of messages or phoning a lot of times will also make you look desperate, and you don`t want that. Put yourself again in your ex’s place. How annoying is my ex that keeps sending me messages and tries to phone me, my ex is crazy and truly obsessed with me, thank God I ended my relationship with my ex! – That is what your ex is probably thinking.

I know it is hard not to do that, but you must fight the urge to phone your ex and send him or her messages.  If you feel that urge, you can go to the gym, read a book, see cat pictures, talk to a friend. But just one or two messages or calls can be okay to let your ex know you are still interested in him or her. This will make him or her think about you.

Maybe he or she too is thinking about bringing you back! And that is the time you need to wait for. When you get a chance to discuss possible getting together or hang out, grab the opportunity and don’t just stand on your previous ground. If it was your fault, don’t hesitate to say sorry. Or, if it was his or her fault, you can mention you forgot about it.

#3 Tip – Take Care of Yourself

Make your ex want you backIf you don`t love yourself who will love you? So, before you get a chance to meet your ex again, make sure you take care of yourself well. Many people only think about other people and forget to take care of themselves. So, put on nice clothes that flatter you, do a manicure, a massage and things that you loved to do before you meet your ex. When you take care of yourself, you will feel happier and look desirable at others eyes. You may be caught on your ex’s eyes and maybe you even attract someone much better than your ex.

#4 Tip – Go to the Gym

Being a sofa potato isn`t very attracting. Forget about TV and get out of the couch to the gym. Doing exercise makes you look and feel better. If you already go to a gym, try to do something different than you already do, like Yoga, CrossFit, Zumba, dancing, etc. This will improve your body and makes you an attractive person that is willing to try new things.

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#5 Tip – Do Things You Used to Do When You Two Were in Love

Bring Back Happy Days
Bring Back Happy Days by following these steps

When you two were in love, you used to do certain things that you don`t do anymore. Try to remember what kind of perfume you used to use and buy it. Maybe the perfume isn`t available in stores anymore, but you will certainly find it online. Using that perfume is a great tip to know how to make your ex want you back. Because it isn`t an obvious thing to do and triggers old feelings unconsciously. Did you like this tips?

These are just some simple tips. You can find much more useful tips on how to make your ex want you back on Ex Factor Guide.