How To Lose A Pound A Day?

How to lose a pound a day

Do you need to lose weight fast? Don’t worry. There are effective ways to lose weights fast. In fact, you can lose a pound a day if you follow my instructions. Following are some helpful tips on how to lose a pound a day:

How To Lose A Pound A Day?

Tip One: Know How Many Calories to Burn A Day

If you aren`t gaining weight, to lose a pound a day, you just need to burn 3500 calories with extra exercises or consume 3500 calories less, or a mix of both. So, what would be advisable is to eat 1750 calories less and do exercises that burn 1750 calories? Then, it will be real simple for you to lose a pound a day.

Make Your Meal Plans With Your Weight Lose Goal In Mind
Make Your Meal Plans With Your Weight Lose Goal In Mind

Tip Two: Make Your Meal Plan Accordingly

Write in a paper what kind of stuff you eat during a day. After that, you just need to adjust your meals to be able to lose 1750 calories per day. You may search on the net for healthier versions of what you already have been eating. You need to remove all the sugar and fat from your meal plan and eat more vegetables and two fruits per day. For example, eat low-fat content proteins like chicken, quail, turkey, soy and mushrooms. You shouldn`t use any sauces, dressings, butter, and oils. Instead of those, try seasonal food with spices, vinegar and lemon and orange juice.

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To make sure that you don`t faint, you shouldn`t stay without eating for periods longer than 3 hours and substitute all the simple carbohydrates that you eat for more complex ones. You should also replace all the drinks and beverages for water. Even the natural juices! Although they are healthy, they contain much more calories than water.

Tip Three: Metabolism

A high metabolism can help you lose weight quicker. I know that I said you should drink only water, but to boost your metabolism you can drink two coffees per day or green and black tea. Remember not to add any sugar to them. Cayenne pepper and ginger can also help you boost your metabolism.

Exercise to lose calories
Exercise to lose calories

Tip Four: Tips For Exercising

As you are wondering how to lose a pound a day, you need to do extra exercises. The idea is as simple as mentioned above. You need to exercise as much as it takes to lose 1750 calories. Doing exercise will also help you control your appetite. For example, you can run or spin for 2 hours. You can do Jump or Step for one hour and a half. If you feel that this kind of exercises may be too intense, or don`t have time to do them, perhaps you should do only a half of hour of exercises and try to cut more in what you eat.

Tip Five: Have 1 Slip Once A Week

I am not asking you to stop eating junk food entirely. If it is something you like, the most you can eat junk food a week is once. This is completely fine when you are doing everything else right. You may feel too hungry after not eating for an extended period and do long hours of exercises.

Golden Tip: Fast As Long As You Can

Fasting is one of the best ways to lose weight. If you are very bulky, fasting can be your go-to way to lose weight. Try taking as little food as you can every day. But make sure you take enough water, some protein, and carbohydrate to get going.

Now, you know how to lose a pound a day. Just apply these tips in your life and have a fit body in quick time.  If you want to lose weight in real quick time, consider going for 3 Week Diet