How To Get Pregnant With Twins?

Everybody wants to have twins. It’s such a pleasure to see twins playing together, eating, going to school and much more.  Yes, having two babies to take care of at a time can be tiresome and burdensome than having just one. What is why people search for something like “how to get pregnant with twins?”

If your thoughts follow this path and you also want this double bundle of happiness, your expectations are good enough. It may sound incredible to you, but there are ways which you can apply to get pregnant with twins

How are twins conceived?

You would like to increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins, right? Then, you should understand the process. There are mainly two types of twins; the non-fraternal or identical twins and the fraternal or non-identical twins. About one-third of all twins are non-fraternal, that is, they are identical. These types of twins are also known as monozygotic twins. Doctors and researchers believe it’s nothing other than fluke to have such twins. Their development comes when a sperm fertilizes an egg, and the egg gets divided into separate embryos. Their placenta and genetic composition are the same. The occurrence of identical twins can also happen in women who undertake fertility assistance methods.

Who does not want to have such cute twins
Who does not want to have such cute twins?

Dizygotic twins, commonly known as non-identical twins, on the other hand, develop when two sperm cells fertilize two eggs. They are unique, so they do not share a placenta or any genetic composition. Non-identical twins are not always of the same gender since they only share half of the same genetic structure.

Identical Twin Brothers
Identical Twin Brothers

Factors That Determine The Chances Of Having Twins

Certain factors could influence your chances of having fraternal twins since having identical twins mostly happen by chance. Below are some of the factors that determine a woman’s chances of getting pregnant with twins.

Heredity Or Family History

If it happens that you are a twin or twins run in your lineage, then you are more likely to conceive twins. However, these chance doesn’t extend to your partner. This means that, if your partner is a twin or twins run in his lineage, this isn’t going to have any influence on your chances of conceiving twins.

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The way you produce your eggs is what matters most. If your mother is a twin, or perhaps you are a twin, then the probability of giving birth to twins is high. There will be greater chances of hyperovulation in you. Hyperovulation is when two eggs are released during the ovulation process. Hyperovulation is then combined with some specific genes and this which will then multiply the frequency of dizygotic twins.

Race And Ethnicity

The root from which you come from also has a very powerful influence on your chances of conceiving twins. Hispanics and Asians have lesser chances of giving birth to twins. Meanwhile, Africans and Europeans have a great history of giving birth to twins. 

Body Type – Height And Weight

This might seem strange to you, but scientifically, taller women have got better chances of conceiving twins than shorter women. Also, heavier women are more likely than thinner women. Women who eat very well also have a better chance of giving birth to twins compared to women who are on a low-fat diet.


The more you grow older, the better your chances of giving birth to twins. More follicle stimulating hormone, FHS, is produced by women who are over age 35 compared to younger women. Ovaries are allowed to discharge eggs for ovulation by these hormones. As the hormone levels go higher, more eggs will be released during the ovulation period, which will bring about more fetuses.

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Multiple Pregnancies

There is a high chance of you giving birth to twins if you’ve had multiple pregnancies before. The more pregnancies you have, the better chances you have of giving birth to twins.

Now, back to how to get pregnant with twins. There are different ways which you can explore on how to get pregnant with twins.

Getting Pregnant With Twins Using Fertility Supplements

Supplements and pills might give you an edge when it comes to increasing your chances of getting pregnant with twins. Listed below are some of the supplements you can take to increase your chances:


These medications enhance the general health of eggs and the way which they mature, thereby increasing your chances of conceiving twin babies. Gonadotropins invigorate the discharge of more than one egg at a particular time. You need to see your physician so as to know the one that will work for you. Do not use this without the advice of your doctor. 

Folic Acid Supplements

An Australian study depicted that the chances of a woman producing twins increases by her intake of folic acid before pregnancy. Although they are also studies that have shown ambiguous results, taking folic acid supplements with other multivitamin supplements will help prevent the deformities of the neural tube, therefore making you produce healthy babies. Doctor’s advice is necessary to take Folic Acid.

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Take Progesterone

When you take progesterone, the lining of the uterus is strengthened thereby increasing your chances of giving birth to twins. The fertilization of more than one egg brings about a greater chance of them getting attached to the wall of the uterus, thereby increasing the likelihood of producing a healthy pregnancy of twins.

In most cases, using these fertility pills will allow you to give birth to non-identical twins but not non-fraternal twins, as these medicines can increase the release of multiple eggs at a time. So, if you ask how to get pregnant with twins? The above-mentioned supplements can be the answer.  

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