How To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

Nowadays, there are a lot of couples who are asking themselves what it would feel like to get the chance of having twins, quadruplets, or even triplets in their families. Nurturing two kids that are of the same age and look would be an ideal experience. However, getting pregnant with twins has got some luck factor involved in its process. Some people feel that succeeding in this venture depends on fate. But few ways can increase the chances of getting pregnant with twins. In this article, you get the answer to the question “how to get pregnant with twins naturally?”

The Best Ways To Naturally Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

If you are planning to conceive and give birth to twins the natural way, without having to go through any treatment options, then below are some steps that will guide you on how to get pregnant with twins naturally.

Take Dairy Products

This is one step that works well on how to get pregnant with twins naturally. Concurring with researchers, eating dairy products is connected to have twins. Women who take in dairy products have five times more chances to give birth to twins than women who don’t take dairy products at all. Some scientists have the belief that, the dairy products do not just help to conceive twins. It also helps the growth of hormones existing in the milk, that is, dairy from cows that are growth-hormone-treated, helps in being pregnant with twins naturally.

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Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

When it comes to conceiving twins naturally, birth control pills can play a negative role. Your body will take some time to find its natural course when you stop taking birth control pills. It allows the body to gain a higher hormone flux, higher than normal. If you try getting pregnant around this period, your chances of having twins will be much.

Twins Made With LoveConsume Wild Yams

Consuming wild yams is another ideal step to get pregnant with twins naturally. The ovaries of a woman are hyper-stimulated by wild yams. This allows for the release of more than one egg during ovulation, therefore increasing the chances you have of getting pregnant with twins naturally. Since African women eat these wild yams as part of their ethnic diet, they tend to have better chances of producing twins. The Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, West Africa has the highest rate of twin births. There are other foods that are rich in protein and can help with hyper-ovulation. Some of them include whole grains, soy isoflavones, tofu, and whole wheat. If you are wondering how to get pregnant with twins naturally, make sure you take these foods regularly.

Add Foods Rich In Zinc To Your Partner’s Diet

Zinc rich foods like bread, green leafy vegetables, seeds, and oysters stimulate the production of sperm. Therefore, the probability of the sperm cells fertilizing more than one egg improves with consumption of zinc reach products. So, consider taking zinc rich products as regularly as well.

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Pregnancy While Breastfeeding

If you get pregnant while breastfeeding your toddler, there’s a high chance of you getting pregnant with twins. During the phase of breastfeeding, your body creates a higher percentage of prolactin, thereby increasing your chances of conceiving twins. So, try to get pregnant with twins while breastfeeding your toddler.

twinsSpace Your Pregnancies

To catapult your chances of getting pregnant with twins, you need to have enough space between your pregnancies. Getting pregnant early hinders your chances of conceiving twins. This does not sound perfect for the last point. But you never know which way is going to work for you.  So, you may get pregnant with twins when you are breastfeeding your toddler, or, it can happen when you take a good gap between pregnancies.

Having twins is always a wonderful experience. You do not need to get jealous when you see those duplicates belonging to someone else; you can have yours too. If you are quite desperate to have twins, you can find much more useful tips and methods on Pregnancy Miracle. Now you know how to get pregnant with twins naturally.