Honeywell RTH6580WF WiFi Thermostat Review

Every heating and cooling device has a thermostat to automatically control and maintain temperatures. A thermostat can be programmed to automatically shut off when it reaches a certain maximum temperature and to turn on when its temperature is below what has been set. Thermostats can be programmed by manually pushing the buttons on the device itself. With advances in technology, there are thermostats that can be remotely controlled and programmed for a couple of days through the wonders of the internet. One such thermostat is the Honeywell RTH6580WF WiFi Thermostat.

Honeywell RTH6580WF WiFi Thermostat Review


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The Honeywell RTH6580WF is a thermostat that is compatible with almost all heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems in North America. This thermostat is equipped with a 7-Day Programmable system which can be accessed through any WiFi-enabled device with a free app for your PC, tablet, and smartphone (Apple and Android apps available).

For each day of the 7 days, you can program 4 separate heating times. Through your connected WiFi enabled device you can view the easy to read display of the thermostat and program the device anytime and from anywhere. All that is needed is to register your thermostat on the free app and you will be able to access your thermostat from anywhere you have a Wifi connection.

This WiFi thermostat comes equipped with the unique Honeywell Smart Response Technology that enables the thermostat to study your HVAC system to be able to come up with the time required to heat and cool your home.

Once the times have been calculated, the thermostat will automatically program itself. This means that if you want to your home to be warm at let’s say 8 pm, this Honeywell thermostat knows the right time when it will start heating your home. By 8 pm, you will be welcomed by a warm and comfortable home. Thanks to your Honeywell Thermostat.

Specifications and Technology

Color:  White

Dimensions:  1.5 x 5.75 x 3.5 in

Display:  Digital

Wiring: C-wire

Technology: “Smart Response”

Batteries: Needed


The Honeywell Thermostat RTH6580WF can accommodate up to four different programs per day for 7 days. Immediately after purchase, register the thermostat with its free app so it can be accessed from any place with a WiFi connection and with any WiFi enabled device.

This WiFi Thermostat comes in a secure network and its software updates automatically. This device can be placed on permanent or temporary hold.

Also, this thermostat is easy to install and comes with an easy-to-read large digital display. In addition, the Honeywell RTH6580WF can automatically shift from cooling to heating with + / – 10F accuracy.

This WiFi Thermostat from Honeywell comes with a 1-year limited warranty. It is recommended that you thoroughly read the Honeywell Thermostat RTH6580WF manual before using the product.

Honeywell RTH6580WFPros

The Honeywell RTH6580WF can be controlled anytime and from anywhere through a PC, tablet or smartphone (Apple and Android) through its free app (Total Comfort Connect).

This thermostat comes with the Smart Response Technology which enables the thermostat to study the cooling and heating cycles of your home so it can program the best temperature needed at the right time. The Honeywell RTH6580WFcan be programmed for 7 days with each day having as much as 4 different programmed times.  It also comes with a pre-set schedule for energy saving purposes.

This device is compatible with most cooling and heating systems being used in North America.

The digital display of this thermostat has a backlit background with a green background and bold easy-to-read characters.

The thermostat comes with a real time clock so the time still works even during a power cuts and the thermostat still keeps the programmed settings. The clock also automatically shifts to daylight saving time when required.

In the event that set temperatures have exceeded limits, the thermostat will send you an email alert so you can adjust it accordingly. This thermostat comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


The Honeywell RTH6580WF WiFi Thermostat works with the iOS 6 but the initial installation needs to be done through a PC, tablet or Android smartphone. The “C” (common) wire required to run this Honeywell thermostat is something that every Honeywell RTH6590WF Review never fails to mention. While most HVAC systems come with these wire, you might need to have an additional wire installed to run the thermostat. Not everyone knows about ‘C’ wires.


Although Honeywell Thermostat RTH6580WF is a hi-tech programmable Wi-Fi thermostat it still carries the look of an ordinary thermostat. While its direct competitors carry a high-tech look to match its hi-tech features, the Honeywell thermostat has maintained its conventional look.

There are 4 other WiFi thermostats in the market and only this Honeywell thermostat comes with a pre-set energy saving schedule. If you only require standard temperature controls, the Honeywell, as compared to the other WiFi thermostats, needs only minimal manual programming.

The Honeywell thermostat tops other WiFi thermostats if you want a device that once programmed can be left on its own to do the stuff it needs to do best. Special mention should go to the Smart Response Technology.

If you want to have a WiFi Programmable thermostat you can access from any WiFi enabled device from anywhere but do not want to have all those alerts just like in other WiFi thermostats, then the Honeywell 6580wf WiFi Programmable thermostat is for you.


At $ 93.46, the Honeywell Thermostat RTH6580WF is the only WiFi thermostat that is less than $100.00

Honeywell RTH6580WF


The Honeywell Thermostat RTH6580WF is nothing close to being a high-end WiFi thermostats. As a matter of fact of all 4 WiFi thermostats in the market, it has the lowest cost.  An RTH 6580 wifi review always gets a 4 star and above rating. Consumers who only want to have an honest to goodness Programmable WiFi Thermostat that can be set and left on its own to do the job they do best minus the additional flashy features, then this Honeywell RTH6580WF is what you need!