Home Recording Studio Equipment List: 10 Essentials For Beginners

Setting up a home recording studio may seem like a herculean task, doesn’t it? It takes the time to prepare, figuring out what you would need. Isn’t that how you see it? But the truth is setting up a home recording studio might not be as hard as you may be thinking. Firstly, you need to make a home recording studio equipment list before you start buying them. You can set up a home recording studio spending as little as just $1000. Following are ten home studio equipment beginners need initially:

Home Recording Studio Equipment List

1. Computer

The first of the home recording studio equipment you would need is a computer, and it might as well be your biggest expenditure of all the equipment you would need. As a beginner, you should get the fastest one you can afford. But the best computer you can go for as far as music production is concerned is the MacBook Pro. In case, your budget is low, you can go with an ordinary one.

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2. Audio Interface

The audio interface is hardware that connects your computer to the rest of your home studio recording equipment. So, you must have one decent quality audio interface to start with.

3. Digital Audio Workstation

The Digital audio workstation is a software used to record, edit and mix sounds or music on your computer. So, you can’t start your home recording studio without one of these.

NOTE: Items 2 & 3 can be bought either as combined or separately. In fact, the good thing about these two elements if bought combined is that you save money instead of buying them separately, you will get better compatibility and tech support since the two items are together.

Microphone is one of the must-have home recording studio equipment
Microphone is one of the must-have home recording studio equipment

4. Microphones

Quality microphones are essential elements of any home recording studio.  Although you will have to get lots of different microphones for different uses in the long run, as a beginner, you should get at least 1 or 2 which is also dependent on the instruments you intend to record. The Rode NT1A is ideal for vocals. For high-frequency tools such as acoustic guitar, pianos, the AKG P170 are suitable while the Shure SM57 is great for recording drums and percussion. For bass guitar, kick drums and other instruments with low frequency, the AKG D112 is ideal. So, make sure you make good choices when buying microphones.


5. Headphones

Headphones is one of the basic home recording studio equipment. A pair of headphones for your studio and an extension cable such as Mogami Headphone Extension Cable 25 are must since cables that come with headphones are short.

6. Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are essential for mixing which are designed with different enhancements in

7. XLR Cables

You will need one XLR cable for your microphone and two short ones for your monitors. Recommendations include Mogami Silver XLR 25ft for your microphone and Mogami Silver XLR 6ft for your monitors.In fact, these are not much expensive that you need to go for lower quality option. So, buy some quality XLR Cables.

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8. Microphone Stand

You should get a standard microphone stand that is quite affordable since you are just starting out. In fact, the quality of microphone stand won’t make any different.

9. Pop Filters

Pop filters filter out unpleasant sounds from the recording. Recommended is the Nady MPF-6.

10. Ear Training Software

Ear training software is a great tool to help you know how good things are sounding. Constant usage helps you develop a good hearing sense for great sounds. Therefore, get one that works fairly well for a beginner like you.   

These are 10 basic home recording studio equipment you need. Depending on your budget, you can choose from many different levels and qualities of products. BTV Solo Music Production Software is a hot new music production software that allows newbies to produce professional level music. So, consider checking it out.