Hatchimals Owlicorn Pink Blue Egg Review

Hatchimals are incredibly exciting and innovative toys. They have become the most wanted toy of the year after their release in this year’s New York Toy Festival. This Hatchimals Owlicorn Pink Blue Egg is one of the first releases of Hatchimals in the market. It’s a toy every kid will love to have and play with.

Hatchimals Owlicorn Pink Blue Egg

Hatchimals Owlicorn Pink Blue Egg comes in a package with an instruction booklet and 2 AA batteries. Your kid must nurture the hatchimal well enough to help it hatch because hatchimals can’t hatch themselves. Touching the egg, tapping, and trying to change the mood of the hatchimal are some most common forms of activities your kid can do before this Hatchimals Owlicorn Pink Blue comes out of the egg.

Hatchimals Owlicorn Pink/Blue Egg ReviewsOne important thing to remember when playing with a hacthimal before it hatches is that the glowing rainbow eyes mean it is time to hatch. You or your kid can feel the heartbeat of the hatchimal by just touching it. Perhaps the two most interesting things to do with hatchimals before they hatch are tapping it and make it repeat after you. Yes, if you tap the egg, it will tap back. And if you want it to repeat after you, it will do that no matter what language you speak.

Just like all other hacthimals available in the market, this Hatchimals Owlicorn Pink Blue has three different stages in its life after it hatches. And each time it enters a new stage, it sings “Hatchy Birthday”. Following the instruction booklet, your kid can make the hatchimal talk, walk, dance, play exciting games and more.

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