Hatchimals Draggles Purple Blue Egg Review

If you are looking to buy the best and most interactive toy for your kid, you have found it. Yes, Hatchimals are new, innovative robotic toys that have become the most wanted toy of the year. This magical creature starts its life inside an egg and comes out as a surprise. Every hatchimal comes in a package with either one of the two colors mentioned in the product description. So, you never know which color of hatchimal will come out. But there are many different kinds of hatchimals in the market and Hatchimals Draggles Purple Blue is one of the latest ones available.

Hatchimals Draggles Purple Blue

Purple/ Blue means if you buy this hatchimal, you will get either purple or blue version of Hatchimals Draggles. Your kid can play with this Hatchimal Draggles both before and after hatching. But it must be cared and nurtured properly in order to make it hatch because it can’t hatch of its own. Tapping, changing the mood of the hatchimal following the instructions in the booklet included with the product, and finally making it hatch are some interesting things to do with hatchimals before it hatch. Hatchimals Draggles Purple Blue Reviews

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After the hatchimal hatches, it has three different stages namely baby, todler and kid. In each stage, you kind can play different and new games with the hatchimal. So, it’s a lot of fun for a kid to have a hatchimal. So, if you want to surprise your kid with a unique gift, consider this Hatchimals Draggles Purple Blue. Or, you can consider it as a gift to your child for the next Chrismas. Don’t forget to check our reviews on other popular hatchimals such as Hatchimals Burtle and Hatchimals Penguala 

Enjoy the following Hatchimals Video to have a better idea of how much fun your kind can have playing and spending time with it.