Hatchimals Draggles Blue Green Egg Toy Review

If you are looking for an innovative and very surprising toy for your kid next Charismas, you have found it. Yes, you heard it right. What are Hatchimals? It is a robotic toy that starts its life inside an egg and comes out as a surprise. Among the Hatchimals available in the market right now, Hatchimals Draggles Blue Green is one of the new releases with a very attractive look. This Hatchimals Draggles Blue Green Egg Toy Review is going to let you know more about this fantastic toy.Dark Green Hatchimals Draggles Review

Hatchimals Draggles Blue Green Egg Toy

This blue, green Hatchimals Draggles, just like other Hatchimals in the market, needs love and care to hatch. Before it hatches, it makes cute sounds from inside the egg to entertain your child. This enables your child to play with it before it hatches. It makes some interesting sounds to let your child know how it feels. Once your child has played enough with the Hatchimals, you will notice its rainbow eyes. And that means it is time to hatch and come out of the egg. But remember, hatchimals can’t hatch on their own. That means your child must love and care it well enough to make it hatch. Every hatchimal has three different stages in life namely baby, toddler to kid. Once the hatchimal comes out of the egg, your child can play with it in many more ways. You can teach it to walk, dance and many more things. Interestingly, it can repeat after you in its own voice. It does not matter which language you speak; it will repeat after you. So, you can consider hatchimal speak all the languages! After the hatchimal hatches and it has reached either its toddler or kid stage, you can reset it to its baby stage. So, if there is any game that your child liked most playing with the Hatchimal in its baby stage, you can easily reset it to baby stage.[amazon box=”B019HP21SC” template=”bigbox”]

Hatchimals Draggles Blue Green Egg

Just like all other hatchimals in the market, this Hatchimals Draggles Blue Green is intended for 5+ years of age kids. It requires 2 AA batteries which are included in the package. Watch the following Hatchimals video featuring Hatchimals Draggles Blue Green Egg Toy unboxing and hatching tutorial and review to know more about it.