Hatchimals Burtle Toy Purple Teal Egg Reviews

Hatchimals are fantastic new and innovative toys that have taken over the toy industry like a storm. They are highly interactive toys with three different stages in their life (Baby stage, toddler stage, and kid stage) after they hatch. And they don’t hatch on their own. It’s your child who needs to take care of it and nurture it to make it hatch. So, playing with a hatchimal and nurturing it properly before it hatch is a good fun experience for your kid. And fun multiples a few times more when the hatchimal hatches. There is a range of interesting ways to play with the hatchimal. This Hatchimals Burtle Toy Purple Teal Egg is one of the newest hatchimals in the market.

Hatchimals Burtle Toy Purple Teal Egg Reviews

Just like every other hatchimal in the market, this Hatchimals Burtle Toy Purple Teal Egg has all the features that can surprise your child. It makes cute sounds and expresses its emotion from inside the egg. Interestingly, if you tap the egg, the hatchimal from inside the egg will tap back. It can repeat after you and does not matter what language you speak. The instruction booklet included with the Hatchimals Burtle has a list of eye colors and sound with the description of what is the meaning of each. It also mentions the ways your kid can change the mood of the hatchimal. So, it is a fun new toy to have for your child next Christmas.[amazon box=”B01MAV4M9Y” template=”bigbox”]

Why Hatchimals Burtle Toy Purple Teal Egg?

It’s the color. All the hatchimals in the market have almost the same features except the look or colors. So, buying any of these, your kid can play almost the same games and have similar exciting and fun experiences. Maybe some other children in your neighborhood have bought common, and first release hatchimals and you children are asking for a different and newer one. Maybe the purple/ teal color combination of Hatchimals Burtle is what your kid will like better. Make sure you also check our Hatchimals Draggles Blue Green Egg Toy Review and Hatchimals Draggles Purple Blue Egg Review

Enjoy the following hatchimal hatching video