Funny Christmas Gifts Reviews: 10 Best Picks

Don’t be stuck with buying boring gifts this Christmas. Buying the same old traditional Christmas presents can make them predictable. This year, for a change, go for funny Christmas gifts. Your family and friends will surely not be able to resist having a giggle and a laugh once they open your hilarious gifts. Surprise them with funny Christmas gifts that they won’t be expecting to receive then get ready to laugh along with them.

Take a look at these Funny Christmas Gifts:

1. Redneck Backscratcher

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If you are looking for unconventional Christmas gift ideas for him, you would not go wrong with the Redneck Backscratcher. With 15 tines, this back scratcher is one of the best or at least the biggest funny Christmas gifts there is on the planet. The guy you are going to give this gift will surely burst into a big laugh when he sees how huge a backscratcher you got for him. It is so big it looks like a portable garden rake!

Although the Redneck Backscratcher looks funny, it is actually a very good back scratcher. It is made of plastic and wood.  The 15 tines provide backscratching pleasure because it is able to scratch a huge area of your back with a single stroke. The tines contour to the shape of your back making you immediately feel much better after just a couple of strokes. Additionally, the tines are flexible they will only relieve you of the itch and not leave any scratching marks.

2. Hand-Carved Rosewood Nose-shaped Eyeglass Spectacle/ Eyewear Holder

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The Hand-Carved Rosewood Nose-shaped Eyeglass Spectacle/ Eyewear Holder is an exquisitely carved rosewood sculpture handmade by Indian artisans into a funny shape of a nose. This holder is ideal for holding your glasses when not in use. It measures 2.5 inches in length x 2.5 inches in width x 6 inches in height.

The Hand Carved Rosewood Nose-shaped Eyeglass Spectacle/ Eyewear Holder is not just a functional holder, it is also a unique home and office décor. It makes one of the best choices for cool Christmas gifts for your spectacled family and friends. This gift will surely elicit a good laugh.

3. What Night? Funny 13 ounce Wine Glass

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A friend, co-worker or family member will undoubtedly laugh out loud with funny Christmas gifts that will measure the amount of wine she ought to take in for the night! The What Night? Funny 13 ounce Wine Glass features line indicators to measure the quantity of wine. Wine measurements from least to more include: Good Night, Great Night and What Night? Measurements are printed on the wine glass in bright white. This wine glass from Got Me Tipsy is one of the humorous Christmas presents for her you could consider. The What Night? Funny 13 ounce Wine Glass comes bubble wrapped in a white gift box.

4. Bag of Unicorn Farts (Cotton Candy)

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If you are searching for funny presents for Christmas, you have found it with the Bag of Unicorn Farts (Cotton Candy).  Kids and adults will definitely laugh over receiving farts with Strawberry Cotton Candy for Christmas. Each bag of farts contains yummy 106 calories of strawberry cotton candy. There is no one that will see farts in a bag that will not start laughing. So, if want to bring a smile or laughter to a friend or family member, this gift will do the trick. Farts are funny and Unicorns are amazing! The Bag of Unicorn Farts (Cotton Candy) will be a big hit for funny Christmas gifts!

5. Boobs Boobie Squeezable Stress Reliever Ball Breast Toy

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As is widely known, a stress ball is a malleable toy you squeeze in your hand to help you relieve stress and relax because it manipulates your fingers. The Boobs Boobie Squeezable Stress Reliever Ball Breast Toy offers a funny way to relax and relieve stress! This Squeezable Stress Reliever Ball Breast Toy features a pair of boobs in a realistic skin tone finish and realistic protruding nipples. They are made of soft, squishy and rubbery latex material and are filled with liquid gel for that realistic feel and texture of real breasts. This squeezable approximately measures 18 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm each.

The Boobs Boobie Squeezable Stress Reliever Ball Breast Toy is one of the funniest Christmas presents for guys you could possibly think of. Imagine the laughter funny Christmas gifts will illicit when your husband, boyfriend, or male friend opens his gift that reveals a pair of boobs!

6. GIANCOMICS Stealing Money Bank Kawaii Coin Saving Piggy Money Bank

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If your kid enjoys saving coins, then for Christmas, gift him with a savings bank that will motivate him to save even more coins for funny Christmas gifts. He will not only be saving more coins, he will also have lots of fun doing so. This funny GIANCOMICS Stealing Money Bank Kawaii Coin Saving Piggy Money Bank comes in a cute cat design that will also make a beautiful décor. This money eating cat is about 4.7 inches x 3.9 inches x 3.5 inches and weighs about 400g.

The GIANCOMICS Stealing Money Bank Kawaii Coin Saving Piggy Money Bank is made of non-toxic ABS plastic with an electronic component that runs on 2 double A batteries. To get the cat going close the coin outlet and switch on the power switch. Place and gently press a coin on the button. After a second or two, the cat will raise his head to open the box cover it will then say “Thank You” and will bring the coin inside the box. To remove the coin, switch off the power switch, unscrew the lid and remove the coins. These white cat money boxes are great Christmas gift ideas for kids that will make him laugh his way to saving coins.

7. Official BS Button

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It can be hard to control yourself when someone is endlessly talking crap, rubbish, and lies! Have you been in a situation wherein you just wanted to curse at someone the top of your voice but you just simply can’t? Well, the Official BS Button can make you say “bullshit” without blurting the curse yourself. When you want to stop someone from telling lies, simply press the button and this funny desk toy will take him off-guard and will make him stop! This toy can be one of the best Christmas ideas you can give to a friend. Imagine the laughter when he opens his gift and gets a loud “bullshit” when he presses the button! The Official BS Button runs on 2 AAA batteries.

8. Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

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The Talking Toilet Paper Spindle is one of a hilarious Christmas ideas you can give a friend or family member who often plays pranks on everyone. This talking toilet paper allows you to record and re-record personal messages which the bathroom user can hear once he unrolls some toilet paper. Messages recorded can range from the most riotous (“Whoa! Somebody light a match… quick!”) to an important reminder to kids (“Don’t forget to wash your hands.”)

The Talking Toilet paper Spindle fits into all toilet paper roll holders and is easy to install. It runs on “AAA” batteries.

9. Sir Perky Wine Corkscrew Novelty Gag Gift

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Finding the Sir Perk Wine Corkscrew will end your Christmas shopping troubles when looking for a perfect gift for a friend or family member that is always in a serious mood. The wine screw’s design will surely knock off her head and will leave her laughing endlessly.

The Sir Perk Wine Corkscrew features a red figure with the corkscrew protruding out of the figure’s penis area. The girls can laugh no end when they start making fun of the corkscrew!

10. Funny Beer Quotes Cozy Variety Pack #1

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The Funny Beer Quotes Cozy Variety Pack #1 is the best Christmas presents for men that are beer lovers. These cozies feature hilarious quotes that are sure to elicit a lot of laughs in the midst of a beer drinking session. They easily fit into most cans and bottles are easy to remove when they get all wet.

The Funny Beer Quotes Cozy Variety Pack #1 comes with 4 pieces with the quotes: “In dog beers, I’ve only had one!”; “Beer may not solve your problems, but neither will water or milk.”; “24 hours in a day. 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not!” and “No working during drinking hours.” They are made of highly durable 3MM thick neoprene material.

funny christmas gifts
Share the laughter with Funny Christmas Gifts

The gift of laughter makes the best gifts. Combine the gift of laughter with a real gift and you have just given one of the best Christmas gifts ever. This holiday season, make your friends and family chuckle at what you have gotten them for Christmas. Unconventional and funny gifts are great and provide the change in your gift giving tradition.