Focus on 5 humanitarian initiatives

Humanitarian initiatives are primarily programs geared to word the provision of rational or material assistance to people who require help. Examples of such initiatives could be the war against poverty, provision of food for farming relief, fight against social inequalities and even commitment to peace as illustrated by Let us dwell deeper into five of these initiatives;

Peace education program

This program involves the use of a series of video-based workshops that help individuals discover their inner strength and personal peace. Each training has video extractsfrom their claimed author Prem Rawat with presentations on one of ten themes. These are gratitude, peace,hope inner strength, lucidity, understanding, dignity, choice,self-awareness, and commitment. The program provides individuals with an opportunity to focus and reflect on their humanity and inner resources such as inner strength, self-awareness, and self-respect. The program enables the participants to understand themselves better instead of defining personal peace. The program can benefit everyone and can be used in different settings such as correctional facilities, schools community centers, youth groups and many more.

Food for people

This is a unique program developed by TPRF which aims to provide fresh clean water and hot nutritious meals in the local cooking method. This is especially helpful in poverty-stricken communities where even basic necessities are hard to come by.By providing the above-mentioned services the nutrition of malnourished children and adults is dramatically improved. Children cannot only go to school but their attention span is improved and can last the whole day as well as making the children more eager learners. As for the adults, they can engage in much more productive work than before which in turn helps them provide for their families. Consequently, the economic situation of previously disadvantaged communities is considerably improved and living standards greatly enhanced.

Peace for people

In this program TPRF partners with leaders from business, government and education leaders worldwide to enhancethe notion that having a comprehension of individual peace as the basis for world peace. The basis for all these is to spread Rawat’s message that peace is a possibility for every person. This peace is an inner reserve and an inborn right.  To boost this message several videos are produced about individual peace that is then viewed by individuals from all walks of life. Therefore the take-home message is that peace is an innate essential human need that every individual needs to feel within themselves first and foremost.

Special aidproject

This initiative is geared towards providing help in situations where emergency relief may be needed. This is usually necessitated by the occurrence of a natural disaster. This may also involve the provision of varied clinics all over the world that provide essential services that are pegged on the specific need of that location such as annual eye clinics in India.

Social inequalities

This initiative is focused on ensuring resources are distributed evenly across any given society. This is usually related to economic resources that are distributed unevenly. One of the best ways to combat this is through enabling access to education for everyone within a given society, thereby providing every individual with a level basis to becoming self-sustenance. 

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