Fitness Tracker Reviews: 10 Best Selections

Exercising and eating healthy to ensure a physically fit and healthy lifestyle entail a lot of discipline. You need to have specific goals and plans to make sure you will achieve what you desire. You also need to be consistent in everything you do.  A fitness tracker is what you need to get this done.

Keeping track of your diet and exercise will help you be consistent in everything you do.

Keeping track also ensures you are on the right path, making sure that every exercise and food you consume gets you closer to your ultimate goal.

There are many Fitness Trackers available. Most eyes though are set to the difference between these activity bands.

But which event group is right for you?

Choose the activity tracker based on what you need and your lifestyle.

Best Fitness Tracker Review

Here are the Top 10 Fitness Trackers That Top Amazon’s List:

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Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

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The Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband keeps track of the number of steps and distance you have taken. It also counts your intake and burned calories.

Additionally, it keeps track of the number of hours you have slept as well as sleep quality.

It comes with a Silent Alarm which wakes you up, too. This Fitness Tracker comes with LED lights that show how you have done for the day ‘vis-à-vis’ your fitness and healthy eating goals.

What is cool about this Wireless Fitness Tracker is, it has an elegant slim design that easily blends with your everyday wear.

The Flex communicates by wirelessly tracked data to both PC and Mac devices automatically.

As well as iPhones and selected Android smartphones.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

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The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker keeps track of your steps, distance, burned calories and active minutes right at your wrist.

It also keeps track of how long you have slept as well as your sleep quality.

It has a Silent Alarm to wake you up, too.

Your stats are shown in an Easy-to-Read OLED Tap Display. When your phone is within a certain distance from the Alta, it can get notifications for incoming calls, texts, and calendared appointments.

The Alta is a Fashionable Fitness Tracker. This tracker has a quick-release mechanism to enable switching bands (Metal, Leather, and Classic Bands, sold separately, in a snap).

The Classic Bands, for daily use, comes in a variety of colors.

The metal and leather options provide extra flair for night outs.

Fitness Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

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The Fitness Blaze Smart Fitness Watch is a square black tracker snapped into a frame made of stainless steel. It is attached to a removable black plastic strap. This Fitness Bracelet is in a stainless steel frame can be connected to couture, casual or any belt.

The Fitbit Blaze has a large easy-to-read display where you can choose workouts you want to track.

If you are in need of more exercise variety, the Fitbit Blaze has built-in exercises.

Its battery life lasts for a good four to five days.

It is comfortable to use and syncs with PCS and both Android and iPhones.

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband

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The Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband tracks your physical activities right on your wrists.

This Activity Tracker has an accurate count of the number of steps you have taken, calories you’ve burned as well as the distances you have traveled. The Fitbit Charge’s stopwatch and clock functions help for a convenient workout.

The Fitbit Charge allows you to monitor your sleep patterns.

It tracks how long you have slept as well as your sleep quality.  With its backlit digital LED display, you can view your stats even with minimal lighting.

The Fitbit Charge has the unique design that is very easy to read.

It is comfortable to wear while sleeping. Its band can withstand the shower, your worst workout sweat, and even rain.

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

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The Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch is a round the clock fitness and heart rate tracker. It also has a GPS to keep track of almost all of your activities.  The food database included in this Fitness Activity Tracker is easy to use.

The Fitbit Surge has a significant social base.

It syncs to almost all smartphones.

Although a bit bulky, The Surge’s appeal comes from its better tracking of food and sleep.

The heart rate monitor and GPS function add to its overall appeal.

Garmin vívofit Fitness Band

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The Garmin vivofit Fitness band is a comfortable activity tracker. It tracks your steps; distance traveled, how long you have slept and your burned calories.

It also displays the time and has a heart rate monitor.

The Garmin vivofit has an LCD that is always in the “on” mode with large grey numbers over a black background. This tracker is water resistant, and its battery life is up to one year. The Garmin vivofit is a low maintenance Wristband Activity Tracker, making it simple yet highly functional.

TINCINT ID107 Smart Bracelet Pedometer Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Watch

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The TINCINT ID107 Smart Bracelet Pedometer Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Watch is a Fitness Tracker Band, heart monitor, as well as a step and heart monitor. It also provides a push notification from an iOS and any Android device.

This fitness tracker has an adjustable strap and has a slim design making it very comfortable. It comes with a plastic body and a rubber strap.

This fitness tracker has a portrait mode display making it easy to view when on the wrist. Perfect too is the fact that it can store data for up to seven days.

Misfit Wearables Flash

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The Misfit Wearables Flash offers good value for money for a fitness and sleep monitor. Despite its low price, this fitness and sleep monitor can accurately deliver data.

Why is this so?

With the Misfit Wearables Flash, Misfit used plastic as a replacement for their previously all-metal design. It has an elegant design perfect to monitor steps, sleep and even laps you take on the pool, as well as light and restful sleep and also calories burned.

This Fitness Monitor and sleep monitor is fully waterproof.

It is Android and iOS compatible and has a 6-month battery life, without charging.

007plus T65 Fitness Tracker

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The lightweight style and waterproof design make the 007plus T65 Fitness Tracker a perfect choice for everyday use of any fitness enthusiast. This fitness tracker can monitor your movements and sleep as well as calories burned.  

It also shows the time and date just like an ordinary watch.

This Workout Tracker comes with a multitude of added features including a push reminder for SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Skype and other social media platforms.

It also has a remote capture function so you can take photos of your entire family.

With its “looking phone” function, you’re this smart wristband will track not only your fitness but also your phone.

Stardrift Upgraded Non-Bluetooth Pedometer Bracelet Fitness Tracker Wristband

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The price of the Stardrift Upgraded Non-Bluetooth Pedometer Bracelet Fitness Tracker Wristband says it all.

This is a plain and straightforward, but nonetheless, a powerful Pedometer Fitness Tracker Bracelet.

This is a highly popular fitness tracker because although at the bottom of the fitness tracker price range, it can accurately track your daily steps, traveled distance, burned calories and sleep time and quality.

Its only handicap is data on the fitness tracker cannot be synced to any computer or smartphone.

Best Fitness Tracker Review

Now that you have a choice of Best Fitness Tracker, you can stay fit and healthy in style.

Which one of these fitness trackers would you like to wear?