Evaluating Renovia Inc. – How the Business Created Medical Devices and Completed Clinical Trials

Established in 2016, Renovia Inc. is a well-known business that is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and the company has developed medical equipment, cutting-edge software and devices that could reduce incontinence. Renovia Inc. has received investments that have a cumulative value of more than $42 million, and the business has attracted investors who specialize in urology and medical technology. According to the company’s leaders, the business can conduct extensive tests that could evaluate new devices, the benefits of numerous exercises and digital tools that may improve usability. The business can also manage detailed studies that may examine various symptoms, the risk of several medical conditions and the experiences of many individuals.

Managing New Studies and Developing Medical Devices

Since January 2017, the company has completed various reports that describe the causes of incontinence, and while conducting clinical trials, the experts have studied factors that could reduce incontinence and eliminate certain symptoms. When managing new studies, the researchers can examine important muscles that could cause incontinence. Likewise, the experts may study the effects of chronic anxiety, and according to detailed reports, chronic anxiety could increase the risk of incontinence by more than 38 percent.

The company’s experts regularly review many reports that evaluate nutrition, traditional workouts, the effects of various vitamins and the benefits of alternative exercises. The business has also tested other devices that can reduce incontinence, and the company’s specialists compared numerous devices and reviewed extensive statistics.

Examining the Company’s Technology and Optimizing Innovative Software

During the last two years, Renovia Inc. has developed Leva, which is a trademarked device that can effectively reduce incontinence. When an individual buys Leva, the customer may swiftly connect the unique system to a mobile device, and while an individual utilizes the product, the customer can examine detailed reports, helpful instructions and an interactive dashboard. Additionally, users may send important information to experienced doctors, and when a customer utilizes the cutting-edge device, the physicians can easily evaluate the device’s effectiveness, recommend certain exercises and view the individual’s medical history.

In order to improve the efficacy of each exercise, Renovia Inc. added distinctive sensors to the equipment, and the sensors can examine each muscle’s movements, helpful feedback and factors that could decrease incontinence. The sensors could detect subtle differences that may influence the effectiveness of the exercises, and according to one survey, the technology can benefit more than 95 percent of users who experience incontinence.

The software could offer extensive visualizations that can help individuals to evaluate the benefits of every exercise. Each customer may study factors that could strengthen the muscles, mitigate the symptoms of various medical conditions and improve the training sessions. Once a doctor recommends exercises that can decrease incontinence, each training session will generally have a duration of less than five minutes, and a customer can complete two training sessions every day. According to recent reports, the workouts should reduce symptoms within two weeks, yet some users might only notice the benefits after eight weeks.

Creating New Guidelines and Helpful Instructions

After conducting various studies, Renovia Inc. has indicated that at least 33 percent of individuals incorrectly complete beneficial exercises. Some reports also suggest that more than 68 percent of sufferers do not utilize medical devices that could reduce incontinence.

The business has created detailed instructions that can help customers to use each device. The software may offer recommendations, describe each product’s features, examine frequently asked questions and customize many settings. The users can easily integrate the advanced software into many digital systems, and some medical experts have suggested that the software could encourage individuals to complete the beneficial workouts. Several reports have indicated that the software also increased the company’s conversion rates and improved the satisfaction of many customers. Additionally, the software considerably augmented the number of stakeholders who made large investments.

Buying the Devices and Evaluating Several Guarantees

When someone orders the device, the company offers a warranty and a guarantee, and a customer can return the equipment within 30 days. Moreover, each individual could make monthly installments, and when offering various types of financing, the business does not charge interest.

Reducing the Cost of Each Device

Renovia Inc. has indicated that most health insurance companies will tremendously decrease the costs of the advanced devices, and some insurers can encourage customers to buy the products. Once a user purchases the medical device, the equipment could significantly reduce the costs of medical services in the future. According to numerous studies, the devices can also prevent incontinence even if an individual forgets to complete many training sessions.

When a buyer contacts the business, the knowledgeable representatives can recommend health insurance plans that will substantially reduce the cost of each product. If customers are eligible for Medicare, the insurers could fully reimburse these customers once they buy the devices.

Examining the Business and Studying Helpful Instructions

When you are ready to learn additional information about the business, you could view numerous reports, many testimonials, frequently asked questions and guides that describe cutting-edge devices. The business has created a learning center that offers educational videos, important updates and detailed instructions. If you have questions about the company’s devices, you can call 888-412-5382. You could also complete the company’s contact form, and generally, helpful representatives will respond within 48 hours.

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