Egg Diet – Lose Weight at Rapid Speed Rate

You might have heard about Charles Saatchi, who lost a little bit of weight eating over nine eggs each day. Experts said that consuming nine eggs each day is approximately 630 calories each day. Due to the low-calorie intake, you would be on the way to reducing your weight indeed. Of course, if you can mentally stay with it! However, the calorie deprivation might cause you to gain weight once you get started eating your regular meals. Egg diet is a pretty effective way to lose weight fast while staying healthy.

Why Does Egg Diet Work?

Like the Atkins diet, the Egg Diet involves high-protein, low-carbohydrates. Saatchi ate three eggs for breakfast, three for lunch, and three for supper. That had the capability to ‘shift’ a whole lot of surplus fat along the way!

egg diet accompanied with exercise is a perfect way to lose an excessive weight fast.

As unusual as the dietary plan may seem to be, you must keep in mind one reason it works, a that is, consuming more protein. It is a fact that basic protein needs 30% more calorie consumption to digest completely than glucose, so for this reason, the fact that your daily diet is mainly necessary protein would make the body naturally burn up more fat than typical!

It goes such as this – eating high-protein, low carbohydrate foods, the real human digestive tract cannot produce sufficient Sugar for your body to burn off (N.B.: your system burns blood sugar for energy!). Hence, the body does not have any other option than to convert the fats stored around your abdomen back into sugar, prepared to convert to energy. However, you must get the dietary plan and diet plans right for this to happen by following the 3 Weeks Diet program.

What Should You Do?

A positive thing concerning this is that the quantity of food you eat isn’t that important, the total grams of glucose you consume will be the deciding factor. So once you learn how this targeted ‘calorie shifting’ can be applied effectively, it could be put by you into practice. Among other activities, for the calorie shifting or egg diet solution to work, you can eat the maximum amount of high protein foods as you prefer, such as eggs, meat, and cheese, so much time as you maintain your carbohydrate consumption right down to the recommended level. You may even eat fruits & vegetables, as long as they don’t contain high levels of starch.

egg diet has a great results in weight loss.
Lose extra weight with egg diet. A natural and healthy way for weight loss.


This calorie shifting method, or egg diet plan, food alternatives are not as easy as you think, this can be an area where most people are unsuccessful. To seriously increase your results, follow this phenomenal step-by-step plan predicated on the proven ideas of the egg diet and as said earlier. You should also check out the 3 Week Diet to understand more about the egg diet.