3 Easy Piano Chords for Beginners

A lot of people who do not know how to play the piano but are interested in learning how to play it, usually become dumbfounded when they see a professional playing. They listen to such professional playing, and it just sounds amazing. What makes it sounds amazing are piano chords. In other words, piano chords are responsible for making a piano piece sound richer and fuller. By the time you finish reading this article, you must have learnt how to play some easy piano chords. Pianoforall is a great resource that helps in learning the process of playing the piano fast and easy.

3 Easy Piano Chords Every Beginner Should Know

1. What You Stand to Gain Playing the Piano

Indeed, playing the piano is a very exciting and has a therapeutic effect. That is why many people are willing to invest their time and effort to learn to play the piano. Whether the student is a beginner or a veteran player, he or she must start with the basics to ensure that they can go through all the specific skills they need to learn to play easy piano chords and other complex chords.

2. The Essence of Piano Chords

Piano chords serve as a backing and spicy to any tune. If you are a singer, it is a very useful aid to guide you during vocal exercises. Once you know some few chords, there is no limit to what you can do with them by changing how you play them. In this article, you are going to learn three essential piano chords. These easy piano chords are C major, F major and G major. In music, major chords refer to happy chords.

3. Playing Basic Piano Chords

A simple, easy piano chord usually consists of three notes. To play these chords, your hands need to take a particular shape. Conventionally, the thumb finger is assigned the number 1, the index finger is represented by the number 2, the middle finger is given the number 3 and it continues to 5 for the other fingers.

When playing a simple, easy piano chord with your right hand, the fingering should be 1 3 5. If it is the left hand you are using, then the fingering should be 5 3 1. Always allow your hands to rest on your laps and slightly raise your fingers having the numbers 2 and 4 since you are not using them for this easy piano chord.

It is crucial to keep your wrist relaxed when playing these simple and easy piano chords. It is also important to note here that whenever your wrist starts feeling tense, then it is time to take a break. Now let’s proceed with learning how to create three easy piano major chords.

  • learn three easy piano chords, and be able to play a lot of songs.
    Learn only this 3 easy piano chords and you can play many songs.

    Firstly, we are going to consider the C major chord. While sitting at the piano, try to locate the C note. It is the first white note before any pack of two black notes. With your right hand, place your thumb on C and form the chord pattern 1 3 5.  By this, your three fingers should be spanning C, E and G. Try to play this easy piano chord in a clean way and allow it flow. You should also practice this easy chord using your left hand, but this time around using the pattern 5 3 1.

  • For the second piano chord, which is F, move your thumb finger to the F note and repeat the chord pattern 1 3 5. The F note is three white above the C note. After doing this, your fingers should be on the notes F, A and C. Do likewise for the left hand but with the pattern 5 3 1.
  • The third piano major chord is G, and it comprises G, B and D.

Follow the same procedure used for the other previous two major chords. Try to practice these three easy piano chords on both hands separately and later on together.

You will notice the rich sound you get. For more hints on easy piano chords, we advise you to visit Pianoforall.