Is Donald Trump Jewish?

Donald Trump was already a well-known personality even before he got elected as the president of the United States. He is a successful businessman and a very know face to Americans. When he ran for the presidency, people became more and more curious about him and asked too many questions regarding him. One such question was: Is Donald Trump Jewish? People ask this question because of his close association to some Jewish people. Even his daughter is Jewish – she married a Jewish. But no, Donald Trump is not Jewish. According to him, he is an Evangelical, a Christian, a Presbyterian. That makes him a Protestant.

Is Donald Trump Jewish
Is Donald Trump Jewish?

So, that should end the questions and arguments about his faith and religious beliefs, right? But, no. People still question his faith. Pope Francis himself said the Donald Trump is not a Christian. A statement replied to by Trump by implying that the Pope questioning his faith (or anyone’s) is disgraceful.

Pope Francis’ statement was born out of Trump’s campaign statements regarding building walls to prevent Mexican illegal immigrants from entering the US borders. The Pope’s additional statement was: “A person who thinks only of building walls, wherever they may be, and not bridges, is not Christian.”

Despite the fact that Trump says that he is a Christian – and all his claims about going to church, loving God and loving the church – people remain unsure about his faith. It must be due to one of his statements about not asking God for forgiveness.

It is a fact though that Donald Trump is a Protestant. His parents were active members of the Marble Collegiate Church, where one of Trump’s sons was also baptized. A representative of the church confirmed Donald Trump’s longstanding with them but added that the new US president is not an active member.