Dog Psychology: The Facts and Myths

If you are someone who loves animals and pets, then you may sometimes try to understand dog psychology. But the fact is that all that you hear about dog psychology are not correct. So, some are facts, and some are myths. So, here I have listed some facts and myths to help you understand the psychology, mentality, nature and behavior of your dog.

Common Facts And Myths About Dog Psychology

#1 Myth – You can use a dog collar to make your dog stop barking

Yes, you can. But it is a very cruel method to do it and it. It may not work on all dogs or your dog will become a mute dog. Don`t torture your dog! There are several other methods to change your dog`s behavior. So, search online and try some of those. In fact, your chance of success with this method is very low.Understand your dog

#1 Fact – Positive reinforcement works

The best method to change a dog`s behavior is using positive reinforcement according to the dog psychology studies. It may take longer than other cruel methods that may not be effective, but you will create a beautiful bond with your fellow four-legged companion. Dogs are supposed to be the best friends of men, not simple followers.


#2 Myth – You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

This is completely false! Dogs are very smart creatures and like humans they can learn new things and change their behaviors with proper motivation. So, whatever the age of your dog, don’t hesitate to teach new things.

#2 Fact – You can change the behavior of all kind of dogs

Every dog from all types of breed from Poodles, Rottweilers, Wolfdogs to a stray dog can change their behavior. You can teach new tricks to dogs of all ages, from puppies to old dogs. You can train all kinds of dogs.

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#3 Myth – You need to shout and scream to train a dog

No!!! Not! That is cheap thinking! You need to calm down yourself and use the right methods to train your dog. Your dog won`t respect you if you scream at your dog. Your dog only surprises by your behavior and with time will learn to ignore it. “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar” in this case “You catch more dogs with honey than you do with vinegar.”Dog Training

#3 Fact – You must satisfy your dog`s needs

Every kind of dog breed or stray dog has different behaviors and consequently different needs. You must meet your dog’s needs like feed your dog properly and take your dog out to have the best dog in the world that loves you.

#4 Myth – Banned list breeds are always aggressive

Completely false! Dog psychology studies show that any dog from any breed has the potential to be aggressive. Even little dogs like Chiwawas can be pretty nasty and have aggressive behaviors. This is an acquired behavior that will depend on that dog not having a proper socialization and training.

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#4 Fact – Dogs are Canine Animals

Yes! This is obvious, but people tend to forget that dogs aren`t humans. They are our best friends, but they don`t have the same behavior as us Homo sapiens they are Canis Canis, the descendants of the Canis Lupus. So, it is a fact.

When you are training a dog, teaching your dog a new trick or trying to change a bad habit your dog has you should take this into consideration and use different strategies from what you use in your kids or other kinds of humans.

Hope you like reading some myths and facts about dog psychology. If you want to train your dog, Doggy Dan can help you giving excellent tips and clarifying other myths.