Different Websites Useful For Online Classes

Online classes are the new and advanced way of approaching education. Since everything is available online, why not education. With the ongoing pandemic, online education has rapidly improved. The technology is developed so that students can pursue their studies without any hassle and go out of their house. They can get all the lectures that can be recorded and stored. They can watch the lecture whenever they want.

There are live classes and live doubt-solving sessions where the students can interact with the teachers and solve their queries. Some websites even help the student to convert PDF to Word online and finish their homework and submit them on time.

Some useful websites useful for online classes

The online classes are helping both teachers and students to stay connected with each other. The students can finish their degrees and their certificates. Even though the pandemic is going on, life is not stopping them from achieving milestones in their lives. Here are some of the websites that will be helpful for your online classes:

●      Online video classes website

You will find many online classes websites where you can take online classes; you just need to share the link of the class, and your students will enter the class. If you are finding it very troublesome, you can just send the link to their email, and your students can enter the class whenever they want. You can fix the time of the online classes on the website.

●      Lecture storing website

You will find many websites where you can record the lecture or record the live session with the students and upload them. Then you can provide the link or the folder with your students who can visit them later and finish their studies. It will also notify you how many students are entering the file, and you can keep track of your student’s studies.

●      Uploading and storing homework website

It is important to give your students homework and to check them after they have been uploaded to the website. You will find this website where they can review their homework. You can also keep a timer on the website; if the student fails to upload within the time, it will not allow them to upload. This website stores the homework, and you can check them and circulate them with your students.

●      Converting files website

You can use PDFSimpli to convert the PDF files, or you can use the PDF editor where you can check the homework. You can edit the PDF files and send the check homework to your students. You can even place your signature in the edited PDF file. This will help you to work less, and you will not have any problem helping your students to work freely.

●      Use planner website

You should check out the planner website, where you can keep track of your classes and how much you have covered. You can also keep reminders in the planner; this will help you to work efficiently, and you can finish the work faster rather than getting confused.


Technology has improved, and it is helping people. Especially in this difficult time, it is giving hope to people to move on for a better future. Hence, there is no harm in using them for your benefit.