Debunking These 10 Packaging Myths Before 2019

As a business person, you must know how vital packaging can for selling your products. It doesn’t matter what products your business deals in; be it construction, food, medical, etc. How you package your goods matter a lot and reflect on your business’ reputation as well. However, while most businesses understand how important packaging is for their operations, you still find that they make several mistakes in the process. It’s not just a matter of selecting from some standup pouches and hoping that your products speak for themselves. Here is where all the falsified information about Custom Standup Pouches and product packaging also come into play. It may even get to a point where you don’t know what’s right and what’s not regarding product packaging.

Some businesses, for instance, overly spend on packaging assuming that they will get the best bags for their money. But then, this isn’t how the business game is played. Every business needs branding. And the type of packaging you use goes a long way towards portraying who you are as a brand and business. You also need to be cautious about the kind of packaging you choose for your products. But whatever the case, it is essential that you be in a position to tell the difference from what is fact and what’s wrong regarding packaging. Or else, your business might be operating blindly without you realizing.

So, what are some of the packaging myths you must not fall for come 2019?

  1. Regular packaging is sufficient

By now, you should already realize that different products require different packaging and handling material. Take legal documents or educational material, for example. These products need tamper-proof plastic packages to prevent other people from interfering with them. Articles and other forms of media, however, can be packaged in bubble lined courier bags. Food products are more suitable in containers that also work to prevent them from going bad. You can also always go for more Custom Standup Pouches to package your products. As long as they properly cover your product and represent your brand appropriately, you’ll be good to go.

  1. Labels are enough; you don’t need custom printed packaging

Most small businesses opt more for brand labels in their packaging to reduce packaging costs. However, there may not be that much of a huge difference if you go for custom printed packaging if you’re buying in bulk. However, as a business person, how the packaging of your product impacts your buyer should also make a huge difference. Custom printed bags or screen-printed envelopes work to make your brand stand out more from the competition. Custom printed packaging is usually much more efficient than labels.

  1. Packaging adds to waste

There’s no truth to this. In fact, you find that most of today’s packaging materials and products are eco-friendly and recyclable. The only reason you would think these packaging materials add to waste is that people tend to litter and throw them around everywhere. However, if properly disposed of, then these packaging materials can be recycled and reused. Thus, minimizing or eliminating all wastes.

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