Corporate Christmas Gifts Reviews: 10 Best Selections

Corporate Christmas Gifts are serious business. When done correctly, it can help establish healthy business relationships. For some companies, Corporate Christmas Gifts are a vital part of their marketing strategy.  It is also a cost-effective way of creating and building an essence of partnership with valued clients and customers.

I have done the research to find some perfect Corporate Christmas Gifts to help you pick the ones you would actually live to gift your valued clients.

Here are the Corporate Christmas Gifts you need to see:

It is great when Corporate Gifts have personality. It will be perfect if it reflects the interests and personality of the recipient. Is he a gym enthusiast? What is his her her favorite color? When you can discreetly know these things and have chosen a gift in this line, it will give the recipient, your client, the impression that you have taken the time to understand his taste.

1. Mydeal Lightweight Bluetooth Headband

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The Mydeal Lightweight Bluetooth Headband is compatible with iPhone and Android mobile devices. It will make good Christmas gifts for clients who love outdoor sports and are exercise enthusiasts. This headband combines style and the latest in Bluetooth technology to provide the user with up to 6 hours of talking and playing time. It is made of 100% soft Lycra material and is double knitted to keep you warm. With this Bluetooth headband you will be able to enjoy listening to music while jogging or working out in the gym minus the hassle of having to put on headphones with wires that may tangle and get in the way.

The Mydeal Lightweight Bluetooth Headband comes with the latest Bluetooth V4.1 Technology with a wireless range of up to 33 feet. Its high-fidelity stereo sound speaker produces exceptional sound quality. It also has a built-in microphone for hands-free talk. The rechargeable battery only requires 2.5 hours charging time for up to 6 hours of talking and or playing time and 60 hours of standby time. The headband is washable and comes in one-size fits all style.

2. Brimma 17 Oz Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

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The Brimma 17 Oz Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle comes with double-wall insulation to keep drinks cold or steaming hot for hours and ensures the bottle remains sweat-free. This durable and lightweight water bottle has leak proof lids and is made of 100% BPA and phthalates free, non-toxic 18/8 304 food grade stainless steel material. It is also easy to clean and fits most bottle holders.

The Brimma 17 Oz Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle is one of the great Christmas gift ideas you could give clients. Clients who frequent the gym, and are into outdoor sports and fitness activities will love this compact and easy-to-carry water bottle.

3. Car Hammer by Red Earth Naturals

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Your client will appreciate your thinking of giving him something for his and his family’s safety. No one knows when an emergency pops up. Keeping the Car Hammer by Red Earth Naturals handy in your car will give you peace of mind that whatever happens, you and your family will be able to get out of the car safely. This car hammer comes with razor-sharp seat belt cutter that will be able to cut you free of your seat belt safely and quickly. It is also able to smash car windows when you need to get out of the car fast.  It comes with a handy bracket for the hammer you could mount on the console or dashboard for easy access when the Hammer is needed.

The Car Hammer by Red Earth Naturals is a must-have for every car your family owns. It is important that each car has an escape tool that will save you and your loved ones when unexpected car emergencies happen. This is one of the best options when it comes to Corporate Christmas Gifts.

4. ALASKA BEAR Classic Cash Money Clip Credit Card Holder

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Sometimes a wallet is just too bulky to carry. If you are searching for simple yet elegant holiday gifts for your clients, the ALASKA BEAR Classic Cash Money Clip Credit Card Holder is the ultimate choice. This money/credit card clip is made of stainless steel that comes with a smooth finish making it chic and stylish. For elegance, it is presented in a black drawstring velvet bag. For your convenience, it can hold about 10 to 15 folded bills or 3 to 5 credit cards.

The ALASKA BEAR Classic Cash Money Clip Credit Card Holder is a perfect replacement to a wallet when you need to carry cash and credit cards in a convenient way. Its compact design will make it fit into a small purse or a coat’s inner pocket without appearing bulky. For the safety of your cash and credit cards, this money clip/credit card holder has been made to be tight. It can, however, be loosened to carry more bills.

5. Set of 5 FreshJax Gourmet Handcrafted Grilling Spices

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The Set of 5 FreshJax Gourmet Handcrafted Grilling Spices is one of the best corporate Christmas gifts your female clients will surely appreciate. This set of 5 grilling spices includes these spices: Grill Master for a well-rounded taste for veggies and proteins; Smokey Southwest to add some heat to food; Citrus Pepper provides a refreshing flavor which combines lemon, lime, orange and an assortment of peppercorns; Fresh Bay provides a lot of taste with less sodium and the Peppered Habanero for that spicy and peppery taste.

All species come with organic ingredients which are MSG-free, sugar and sweetener free, non-GMO, low sodium, and salt. These spices do not include any artificial ingredients making it perfect grilling spices for those who adhere to a strict healthy diet.

6. Award Winning Gourmet Beer Brittle

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Give your most valued clients something different this Christmas. Give them the Award Winning Gourmet Beer Brittle, one of the most awesome gifts for Christmas.  Each 340-gram pack is homemade ensuring the greatest tasting peanut brittle ever. Made in small batches, this old fashioned peanut brittle has a buttery candy taste with a tinge of micro-brewed IPA (India Pale Ale, a hoppy style of beer which is often relatively bitter with a lot of plant-like flavor from the hops).

7. The Banana Bread Scented Soy Candle

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Scented candles always make fantastic Christmas gift ideas. Your clients will love the aromatic flavor The Banana Bread Scented Soy Candle will bring to their homes. It is made of 100% all natural and biodegradable soy wax using the finest U.S. soybeans to ensure a clean and even burn full of aromatic fragrance. These candles do not contain phthalates or fillers and are made using undiluted fragrance oils combined with natural essential oils to ensure further a superior aromatic fragrance that will last up to 100 hours. These candles are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure superior quality is maintained.

The Banana Bread Scented Soy Candle features hand decorated Gold Rhinestone accents and perfectly rests in a square 12 oz glass jar. Each glass jar has been poured with 10 ounces of delicious banana bread scented soy wax. The candle is packaged in a red gift box with an organza Pull bow.

8. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets

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The Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Victorian Lace Gourmet Food and Spa Gift Basket Set is one of the Christmas presents for valued corporate clients you can consider. This gift exudes the Victorian style of pleasant taste and superb relaxation. This special Corporate Christmas Gifts arrangement will allow your client to enjoy a relaxing spa experience while indulging in the included tea and gourmet cookies.

The Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Victorian Lace Gourmet Food and Spa Gift Basket Set includes the exclusive Art de Moi Peony Floral Bath Gel, Body Lotion, Body Butter, Body Scrub as well as an exfoliating bath poof and bath sponge. Gourmet food in the gift set includes the Primo Dolce Chocolate Truffle Filled Cookies and the EnLight-Tea-Ments English Breakfast Tea. A keepsake picture frame and Victorian Style Decorative Candle complete the elegance of this gift set. All these items are packaged in a dainty hand-painted gift chest with built-in clock accentuated with two pink roses. A pink ribbon with gold and white accents complete the look of this Corporate Christmas Gifts.

9. Olive Oil Fusti Dispenser DYI Gourmet Kit with Dipping Plates

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The Olive Oil Shoppe Olive Oil Fusti Dispenser DYI Gourmet Kit with Dipping Plates provides all the materials needed for you to blend your own personalized Infused Olive Oils. This DYI kit includes seasoning, spices, and herbs which you can use to make Infused Olive Oils for such flavors as rosemary, garlic, and thyme. To make your flavored olive oil, simply blend the included seasonings, spices, and herbs with olive oil. Using the funnel, fill the glass bottle (with a pour spout) with the olive oil and your desired flavor mixture. Seal the bottle and let it stand for 1-2 weeks after which you can already enjoy your custom-made infused olive oil.

This Olive Oil Fusti Dispenser Kit Gourmet DYI Infused Olive Oil Kit includes a ceramic Fusti with a stand (a container usually made of stainless steel or ceramic purposely designed for the long term storage of oils, honey and other liquids), a spice rack (with 6 test tubes containing basil, oregano, chili flakes, garlic spice, rosemary spice and thyme spice),  funnels, dipping plates and 3 glass bottles with cork lids. This Infused Olive Oil DYI Kit is the best-looking ideas for Christmas you can give your valued clients especially those that love spending some time in the kitchen.

10. 2-Pound Gluten Free Fruitcake with Brandy and Sherry

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Corporate Clients will surely love receiving a fruitcake aged in brandy and sherry for Christmas. This mouthwatering two-pound fruitcake is loaded with almonds, cherries, dates, pecans, pineapple, raisins and walnuts. It is gluten free and packed and sealed in a tin can. It can last for four months when refrigerated and even longer when kept in the freezer. The 2 Pound Gluten Free Fruitcake with Brandy and Sherry will be a perfect addition to your clients Christmas dinner table making it one of the best Christmas greetings you could give them.

corporate christmas gifts
Best Corporate Christmas Gifts

Corporate Christmas Gifts have one basic objective, and that is to re-affirm business relationships and to improve the personal connection between the corporate gift givers and the recipients. Companies that have Corporate Christmas Gifts program for Christmas or any occasion were most likely to have increased their chances of getting repeat business from clients as those companies that did not have one. Whether you give an expensive gift or have a holiday gift budget you need to adhere to; the most important thing is to give your clients Corporate Christmas Gifts that they will not only appreciate, but will also love.